Persona : Trebel
Writing Status : PC/Active
Age : 13
Gender : Male
Rank/Craft : Apprentice Harper
Residence : Thread's End HarperCraft Hall

Physical Description : Trebel is a good looking young man with fair skin and medium dark brown hair that he insists on keeping it long enough to cover his ears and hang down to his collar. He has a pleasant smile and freckles over his nose and cheeks to reflect his boyish charm. He has no skin blemishes, like so many other youth his age. His blue eyes seem to see right past the half truths he is told, but does not correct the adults.

Personality : Trebel is very kind and helpful to others. He follows instructions without too much of a fuss. He is very curious about things, which usually gets him into trouble for extra duty in the drum-heights or kitchen duty. He also likes to fight. It's fun to him, but he never picks on people. He was taught by his mother that he is a better person to turn away from anger and threats than to face them. His father taught him to never start a fight if he could help it, but defend what is his and those he cares about. He does carry some resentment about his father, that he refuses to talk about.

Life Story : Trebel is 13 and in his second year as an Apprentice Harper. He is the youngest of 5 children, which meant that he was doted on by his mother and three older sisters, Cress, Pian, Meeitso. But nothing stopped his eldest brother, Fortay, from teasing him mercilessly.

Yet, this provided him an advantage over other boys his age at the Hall. Because of his three older sisters, he was very comfortable being around and talking to girls, not so with his peers. So, they were always asking him to find out if a girl liked them or other curious questions. He liked taking on the role of mediator. He just kind of shrugged and went with the flow. Girls were just girls, but that would change sooner than he realized.

His love for music was inspired daily by his mother, Sofeeya. She loved music and tried to share it with all of her children. She had been herself an Apprentice at Harper Hall when she was much younger, before falling in love with a Journeyman woodsman named Jorgon that she had met at a gather. On his second gather, a few moths later, she ran away from the Harper Hall in the dead of night to live with a man almost twice her age. But it was a love that would and did last.

Trebel's strengths were not only in playing stringed instruments, which he could do prior to arriving at the Harper Hall, but in making them which he was becoming quite accomplished. He only had a fair voice, but good pitch. His greatest desire was to become a Master Harper and return to the high forest country where he could teach the young out of ignorance.

The crafting of wood also came to him easily. His father, Jorgon, had taught him how to carve at the early age of eight turns; first animals for him to play with and then tools for the family to use and to trade. His favorite, to his father's amazement, was the Fire-lizards that he carved in so many different shapes. His father had grand hopes for Trebel to be apprenticed into the Woodcrafters Hall, but his mother had higher desires for him.

There was a negative effect and resentment of his father's control, because the Marks earned from the sale of these delicately carved items were put to good use, but not by Trebel. He received none of it. When he was twelve, Trebel took his current basket of carvings, without his father's permission, and traded them for a guitar at the Gather they attended that Spring. Jorgon was furious and had snatched up the guitar from his son and almost smashed it into their hearth, but was stopped by Sofeeya with threats that could not be repeated in front of the children.

Trebel learned to play the guitar while continuing to make carvings for his father. Until that fall when his was given an Apprenticeship at the Harper Hall.

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