Persona : Wh'ten
Writing Status : NPC/Free
Age : 24
Gender : Male
Rank/Craft : Journeyman Weaver, Greenrider, Wingrider (CFLF)
Residence : Ierne Island Weyr

Physical Description : Wh'ten barely reaches the equivalent of five feet, two inches and is svelte in body. He has a beautiful head of golden hair (always finely coifed), blue eyes, pale skin and long eyelashes (the kind women bemoan as a waste on a man). He is always dressed in high quality material - even his "working" clothes are of finer material than an average person's "dress up" clothing.

Personality : Wh'ten is extremely fastidious about his appearance and surroundings. He carries himself in the manner of a Lord Holder and expects to be treated with like respect. He is very selective with whom he associates and tolerates some of his fellow Weyrlings merely because they are classmates. Wh'ten speaks like a Harper and possesses good self-control over his tongue, although there are times he desperately longs to say exactly what he is thinking. He looks down on anyone with lesser rank and pays them no mind. He doesn't mean to be snobbish - he just truly believes he is better than the majority of the people on Pern. Wh'ten happens to be quite sensitive about his lack of height and doesn't take to teasing very well.

Life Story : Whitten grew up the youngest of three boys born to two MasterWeavers in Keroon. The two elder boys chose Crafts other than the Weavercraft but Whitten chose to follow in his parent's footsteps. His mother in particular was thrilled and he became quite adept at producing or recognizing fine material. It was she from whom he learned to carry himself as if he was a Lord Holder, because, of course, one day he would be a Master of great renown.

He walked the tables in his 16th Turn, much to his parent's delight. Great things were expected of him and he was sent on journeying assignments to greatly aid his advancement. During his Journeyman travels to Green Ridge Hold he encountered a Green dragon on Search and, much to his surprise, was asked to stand for the eggs. Having a healthy sense of duty, he complied and when Hatching Day arrived, he found himself, face to muzzle with the most perfect dragon on Pern - his Yaydeth.

Dragon's Name : Yaydeth
Dragon's Colour : Green
Dragon's Age : 4
Sire/Dam : Brown Charioth and Gold Aometh
Rider's Age at Impression : 20

Physical Dragon : Yaydeth is a perfectly proportioned dragon with a hide the color of purest jade. Her wing sails are only slightly lighter in hue marked with veins of forest green. Small in size, even for a Green, she looks delicate, but is quite strong and agile. She is the swiftest of wing amongst her clutch mates.

Dragon's Personality: Yaydeth, like her rider, is a very prim and proper dragon. She may be a Green, but she acts and communicates as if she were Gold in color. Yaydeth could be considered snobbish but she prefers the word selective. She strives for perfection in both appearance and performance -usually succeeding. She is fiercely proud and protective of her rider.

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