Persona: Zephyre (zah-FIRE)
Writing Status: NPC/Free
Age: 41
Gender: Male
Rank: Level 4 Apprentice Harper
Craft Specialty : Visual Arts
Residence: Thread's End HarperCraft Hall
Birthplace: South Telgar
Father's Name: Aristos
Father's Rank: Master Harper - Visual Arts
Mother's Name: Zenaida
Mother's Rank: Lord Holder's Aunt

Physical Description:Zephyre comes from a long line of beautiful men. He is no exception, 6'7", 200 lbs., maintaining the trim figure from his youth. He has light brown hair with sun blonde streaks and not a sign of grey, and thick-lashed intense blue-grey eyes. He keeps his thick hair long down to his shoulder blades. His skin is light brown and easily tans. He is fit, agile and strong with a muscular chest tapering down to a slim waist, and long muscled legs.

Personality: Zephyre is intelligent and confident. You can tell by his speech and general manner that he is competent. He is able to solve problems quickly and make decisions unhesitatingly, clearly seeing his way through issues while being diplomatic.

Understandably, he is popular with women and he treats them with respect when they attract him. He used to flirt outrageously, with a string of beautiful blonde women in his wake, but has settled down a little, though still not taking a mate officially, a cause of concern to his high ranked family.

Life Story: Zenaida was matched with Aristos, an accomplished painter, and they joined together the essence of beauty, intelligence and wealth in their single child Zephyre. Reasons for Zephyre not having siblings have long been unexplained, though he knows it isn't due to a lack of love between his undividable parents.

Zephyre was trained to follow his father's craft but duty of his position called stronger. His cousins, Sempere, Carisus and Julben, had been granted permission by the Conclave to establish a new Hold on the Southern Continent and it was to Zephyre that Sempere came with an offer of joining their venture. Though he loved his craft deeply, the ties of family ran deeper and Zephyre accepted Sempere's offer. Together, the four men from Telgar established the new Hold, with Sempere confirmed as its Lord Holder while Zephyre took his place as Steward. While he had only 17 Turns to his name, Zephyre's harper training stood him in good stead and he soon rose to the challenge that faced him. He was long the Steward of the Hold and a proud supporter of his beloved cousin, who he teased mercilessly.

His thirty-ninth Turn was filled with tragedy, his first loss being the untimely demise of his much-loved cousin, Sempere. Later the same Turn, he fell desperately in love with a woman who was soon after killed in a major fight between holders and an organised band of criminal holdless.

Zephyre was devastated and resigned from his position as Steward, no longer feeling the duty that had kept him from his art. He retains his charm, but it will be a few Turns before he can smile with only a shadow of grief from his personal tragedy. All he did was submerge himself into painting the impersonal but engaging landscapes of Thread's End Hold and rode his favourite runners.

The boredom set in quickly and he decided to fulfil his own and his father's dream of pursuing a Journeyman Harper's Knot. He has resided these fast few Turns at the Thread's End Harper Hall, working slowly but surely on his final projects until he attains the Journeyman's knot.

Pet Name: Queep
Pet Species: Firelizard
Pet Colour: Brown
Pet Description: Queep is named from the sound he tends to make whenever he tries to "talk". Dependable and intelligent as Zephyre had trained him from hatching. Queep likes mating flights. If he were female he would be permanently in heat.

Pet Name: Lady
Pet Species: Feline
Pet Description: Lady of Thread's End Harpercraft Hall is imperious and she knows she has the run of the place. She is tame to familiar people yet rather menacing to visitors and downright lethal to strangers. Her favourite person is Zephyre and she acts very kittenish with him. She pays attention to her human friends mostly when she is after something, otherwise she is indisposed.

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