Persona : Zorana
Writing Status : NPC/Owned
Age : 26
Gender : Female
Rank/Craft : Journeywoman Miner
Residence : Green Ridge Hold
Birthingday : M10 D28 T15

Physical Description : Zorana is tall, standing just under 5'10. She has black hair cut in a chin-length bob and her mother's warm hazel eyes, though her face often wears a guarded expression. She has a firm chin, wide mouth, and a long straight nose. Her hands are heavily callused from the mining tools she uses on a daily basis, but her fingers are long and supple and well-suited to the delicate work of cutting gemstones, her main specialty as a miner.

Personality : Zorana is a sharp, prickly person who doesn't make friends easily. She guards her emotions closely and more often than not will shut people out of her personal life completely. She is extremely intelligent and quick with a cutting remark, though she is rarely mean-spirited. Rather, she tends to be a loner who isn't used to being around people and doesn't quite know how to interact with them. She feels that her mother abandoned her for the chance to Impress a dragon and is distrustful of dragonriders and weyrfolk in general.

Life Story : Zorana is the daughter of Zaera, a former queenrider and Weyrwoman, and Journeyman Miner Joran. Both of her parents are now deceased. Zorana was given into the care of her father when she was three Turns old, after her mother Impressed the golden queen Portiath and was transferred to Southern Weyr after completing her Weyrling training. She was raised first at Fort Hold, and then later spent most of her life at Crom Mining Hold.

Zorana apprenticed to the miner craft at fifteen Turns, when it became apparent that her difficult personality and strongly independent streak made her an unsuitable match for a holder's spouse. Her father, a somewhat hidebound man, was not in favor of his daughter becoming a crafter, but his daughter's longtime enthusiasm for his craft could not be denied. Zorana showed particular prowess with mining gemstones during her apprenticeship and chose to pursue it as her main specialty once she walked the tables to attain her Journey rank.

Zorana's first assignment as a Journeyman was Green Ridge Hold. The young Hold with its newly-opened mines caught her interest and she accepted the post eagerly.

It was while traveling to Green Ridge Hold that she found herself reunited with her mother, queenrider Zaera, who had become Weyrwoman at Thread's End Weyr. That chance meeting allowed both mother and daughter to form the beginnings of a new relationship. When Zaera was later killed under unusual circumstances, a grieving and disillusioned Zorana cut herself off from all ties to the Weyrs of Pern.

Zorana now keeps to her craft and her mines, with little personal interaction outside that of her fellow crafters and occasionally the other residents of Green Ridge Hold. She tells any who dare ask that she is happy, but whether that is true remains to be seen.

Pet Name : Bow
Pet Species : Runnerbeast

Pet Description : Bow is a large black gelding, standing 17 hands high. Zorana purchased Bow from a shipment of Sonnette's Dawn runners when she arrived at Green Ridge Hold. Bow can be ridden, pull a cart or carry a pack, usually without too much fuss... though Zorana has found an orangeroot or two usually makes for a smoother passage. He has a fondness for redfruit.

Last updated on 10 Feb 2018.