Hold Management
Jianna Lady Holder
Konnor Lord Holder
Siedee (n) Headwoman
Selaira (n) Steward
K'laine Watchrider
Anfad (n) Senior Guardsman
Davriel Ferryman
Donson Retired Master Herder
Rocbetta (n) Head Cook
Saris Retired Master Herder, race rider
Shainn Fisherman
Wiggins Stablehand
Beastcrafters Aenggis (n) Master
  Anlie Journeywoman
Farmers Crochan (n) Master
  Lowinn Journeyman
Harpers Azerune (n) Sr. Journeyman
  Elemetri (n) Journeyman
  Rosehana (n) Journeywoman
Healers Lifaen (n) Master
Miners Ruchid (n) Master
  Zorana Journeywoman
Smiths Whitrit (n) Master
  Alkron Apprentice
Weavers Narba (n) Master
Tanners Scolin (n) Journeyman
Karril (n) Journeywoman

Last updated 27 Jul 2016.

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