Hold Management
Darrad Lord Holder
Rytara (n) Headwoman
Arrol (n) Steward
Ollos (n) Captain of the Guard
Y'ren (n) Watchrider, Bronze Halovath
Carrethe Trader, scent- and dye-maker
Eyella (n) Cook
Lern (n) Hunter
Trahana (m) Trader, herbalist
Beastcrafters Bral (n) Senior Journeyman (Herder)
  Caere (n) Journeywoman (Herder)
  Dalen (n) Journeyman (Herder)
  Trint (n) Journeyman (Herder)
Farmers Jesa (n) Master
Harpers Lazaria (n) Master
  Pristara (m) Journeywoman
  Rochan (n) Journeyman
Healers Erian (n) Journeywoman
Smiths Taldor (n) Master (Metal)
Tanners Pristin (n) Master
Vintners Jaismek (n) Master
Weavers Corrai(n) Master
  Tesse(n) Journeywoman (Tailor/Seamstress)
  Kitalla Journeywoman
Woodsmiths Weil (n) Master

Last updated 6 Apr 2017.

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