TEW : Upper Flight Head Wing

Sector: W3 Month 02 PP41 Wingleader: M'tar

All Wing Meetings are scheduled at noon on the day after Fall. There will be some refreshments served. All riders are expected to be present, regardless of sweeps. Meetings will be held in the Head Wing meeting room, in the Weyrleaders' complex. Sweeps are to be flown before noon unless there's a drill in the morning. The rider must notify Kileth upon return and give a verbal report within the half hour.

Note: See Weather chart for weather information (precipitation amount, wind strength).

First Sevenday: January 3 - January 23, 2016
1 D'mitran/brown Careth  
2 M'lan/bronze Halatoth Threadfall E1/W1 Noon
3 D'lan/brown Joth Wingmeeting
4 J'qar/blue Kindreth  
5 Akya/green Myth Drill: Mid Afternoon
6 Aromi/green Sannoth Drill: Mid Afternoon
7 J'yak/brown Onelth Threadfall E2/W2 Mid Afternoon
Thread's End Hold Market Day
Second Sevenday: January 24 - February 13, 2016
8 R'kin/bronze Bazlith Wingmeeting
9 J'fo/brown Tehpith  
10 L'cor/blue Kielieth Drill: Late Afternoon
11 Gr'tis/green Freth Drill: Late Afternoon
12 Hanya/green Liaweth Threadfall E3/W3 Late Afternoon
13 Tr'dor/brown Muderth Wingmeeting
14 Nori/green Pyroth Restday
Drill Dawn
Third Sevenday: February 14 - March 5, 2016
15 D'mitran/brown Careth Drill: Early Evening
16 M'lan/bronze Halatoth Drill: Early Evening
17 D'lan/brown Joth Threadfall E4/W4 Early Evening
18 J'qar/blue Kindreth Wingmeeting
19 Akya/green Myth Drill: Dawn
20 Aromi/green Sannoth Drill: Dawn
21 J'yak/brown Onelth Restday
Sonnette's Dawn Hold Market Day
Fourth Sevenday: March 6 - March 26, 2016
22 R'kin/bronze Bazlith Threadfall E5 Dawn
23 J'fo/brown Tehpith Wingmeeting
24 L'cor/blue Kielieth  
25 Gr'tis/green Freth Drill: Early Morning
26 Hanya/green Liaweth Drill: Early Morning
27 Tr'dor/brown Muderth Threadfall E1/W1 Early Morning
28 Nori/green Pyroth Restday
Green Ridge Hold Market Day

Next Threadfall: M3 D4, E2/W2, MID MORNING

Last updated 24 Apr 2016.

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