IIW: Upper Flight Left Tip

Sector: W/E3 Month 01 PP41 Wingleader: V'ryk

All wing meetings are after dinner on the day following Thread Fall, in the Wingleader's weyr. Light refreshments are served.

Note: See Weather chart for weather information (precipitation amount, wind strength).

First Sevenday: October 11 - October 31, 2015
1 A'cordo/Brown Rembeth  
2 T'wha/Brown Khiafith Threadfall E5/W5 Early evening
3 K'hen/Bronze Wainalth  
4 M'dag/ Bronze Cafeth  
5 Z'hin/Bronze Orionith  
6 B'ran/Brown Evanoth  
7 S'zahn/Brown Briath THREADFALL W1 DAWN
Thread's End Hold Market Day
Second Sevenday: November 1 - November 21, 2015
8 V'leran/Brown Megarth  
9 A'ril/Blue Falliath  
10 B'kin/Blue Keereth  
11 H'fey/Blue Quayteth  
12 W'lerian/Blue Horvath THREADFALL E2/W2 EARLY MORNING
13 F'teun/Green Eleanth  
14 R'hain/Green Shawanuth Restday
Third Sevenday: November 22 - December 12, 2015
15 W'dan/Green Gepeth  
16 A'cordo/Brown Rembeth  
17 T'wha/Brown Khiafith THREADFALL E3/W3 MID MORNING
18 K'hen/Bronze Wainalth  
19 M'dag/ Bronze Cafeth  
20 Z'hin/Bronze Orionith  
21 B'ran/Brown Evanoth Restday
Sonnette's Dawn Hold Market Day
Fourth Sevenday: December 13, 2015 - January 2, 2016
22 S'zahn/Brown Briath THREADFALL E4/W4 Noon
23 V'leran/Brown Megarth  
24 A'ril/Blue Falliath  
25 B'kin/Blue Keereth  
26 H'fey/Blue Quayteth  
27 W'lerian/Blue Horvath THREADFALL E5/W5 MIDAFTERNOON
28 F'teun/Green Eleanth Restay
Green Ridge Hold Market Day

Next Threadfall: T41 M2 D4, W1, Late Afternoon

Last updated 10 Jan 2016.

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