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These lists contain important events on "our Pern" that a well-educated persona would likely know about and might mention in posts. Information for the club-wide timeline is compiled by the Council (for details, see the About Council page).

PLEASE NOTE: This is an alternate 9th Pass, non-AIVAS club. AIVAS was never discovered and, hence, ThreadFall doesn't cease forever at the end of this Pass.

(Because this timeline was started in 2005, information on events from earlier Turns of the club history might be patchy.)


Since the Club's opening in 1996, its playing (PC) locations have expanded, giving its members a broader backdrop against which to write. In addition, there are many other locations that the club members use as settings for their stories, but the identified playing locations are the residential locations for our population.

Every PC location has its own history page including minor events not mentioned on the club-wide events lists. These are compiled by the council Archivist based on posts and member submissions.

Location Local History Founded
Ierne Island Weyr IIW Archives Month 6, Turn 35, Ninth Pass
Thread's End Weyr TEW Archives Turn 13, Ninth Pass
Green Ridge Hold GRH Archives Month 6, Turn 35, Ninth Pass
North Tip Fishing Hold (NPC) NTFH Archives Turn 33, Ninth Pass
Sonnette's Dawn Hold SDH Archives Turn 20, Ninth Pass
Thread's End Hold TEH Archives Turn 13, Ninth Pass
DolphinCraft Hall DH Archives Month 1, Turn 34, Ninth Pass
Southern WoodCraft Hall (NPC) SWH Archives Month 11, Turn 34, Ninth Pass
Thread's End HarperCraft Hall TEHH Archives Month 11, Turn 34, Ninth Pass


The DragonRiders Club opened in January of 1996 with Anne McCaffrey's approval.

Since its early days, the club's homepage has moved around a bit on the 'net. The currently active and updated Club URL is: http://www.dragonridersclub.com

Please update your links and bookmarks if they still point to one of our old URLs, e.g.

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