Below is a history of the DolphinCraft Hall, beginning with the Hall's establishment in Turn 34. This history is a constant work in progress and can be added to by any club member with personae in this location by contacting the council Archivist.

Date and Time Location Personas Involved Description of Event and Post Titles
Turn 40
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Turn 39
Turn 38
Turn 37
Turn 36
Turn 35
35.06.01 - 06.07 Northern Subsidence Shaylyn PROMOTION - Dolphineers aboard the Dragon's Wing and the Gale and dolphins from the DolphinCraft Hall travel to the North. On 06.04, Master Shaylyn is appointed new Master Dolphineer for the DolphinCraft Hall by the Tillek to replace Master Halar upon return to the Hall.
Turn 34
Turn 34     The DolphinCraft Hall is established near Sonnette's Dawn Hold.

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