Below is a history of Green Ridge Hold, beginning with the Hold's establishment in Turn 35. This history is a constant work in progress and can be added to by any club member with personae in this location by contacting the council Archivist

Date and Time Location Personas Involved Description of Event and Post Titles
Turn 40
40.07.02 Healercraft Hall/GRH Lifaen Lifaen attains her Mastery at Healercraft Hall and returns to GRH to take on the role of Master Healer (Life After Journeying 1 - 5)
40.05.28 GRH Jianna, Saris Runners stolen from River Bend Hold north of GRH. From a story told by the thieves, suspicions arise of abuse of TEH residents during the time Pantrin was Lord Holder. [To Catch a Thief]
40.04.1 - 8 TEH Vanerin, Jianna New trade agreements established between TEH and GRH, restoring relationships tainted by Pantrin's reign
Turn 39
39.12.02 GRH Jianna Jianna once again takes the position of Lady Holder due to an illness to her son, Lord Caledd, which makes him unable to continue living at Green Ridge (Brave New Hold 23)
39.11.10 GRH Caledd, Jianna Due to illness Caledd leaves for the north, leaving Jianna in charge of the hold (Brave New Hold 10)
39.05.?? GRH Caledd, Jianna, Konnor Lady Jianna and Master Herder Konnor retire: Lady Jianna's second son Caledd becomes Lord Holder at GRH
Turn 38
38.11.05 GRH Jianna, Konnor, Saris and K'laine KIDNAPPING: Lady Holder Jianna escapes her captivity. At the same time, a small force including GRH's Master Beastcrafter Saris and watchrider K'laine, and SDH's Master Beastcrafter Konnor arrive to free her. The motive is revealed as being not for ransom: Maeler had planned to 'rescue' Jianna from the kidnapping he'd planned, hoping to win her affection (Opportunity Knocks, 19 - 21)
38.10.27 GRH Jianna KIDNAPPING: Lady Holder Jianna is abducted by thieves in GRH's territory, apparently for ransom (Opportunity Knocks 3)
38.01.20 GRH Vanyinka, H'ahn GOLD FLIGHT - Gold Pnaith (Vanyinka) rises at GRH, caught by Pnerith (The Funamental Things Apply)
Turn 37
37.10.20 SDH Jianna, Konnor WEDDING - Marriage of Master Herder Konnor of SDH to Lady Holder Jianna of GRH (SDH: In The Firelight)
37.06.21 - 06.22 GRH   GATHER - Green Ridge Hold Homecoming Celebration, featuring feasting and dancing, vendor stalls, runner races and an ovine throwing contest.
37.06.19 GRH   The Veritas Trader caravan arrives to overwinter at GRH [Traders - A Winter In (4)]
37.06.14 GRH Koska TRANSFER OUT - Watchrider Koska transfers out.
37.05.13 North Jianna RANKER DEATH - Jianna's husband in the north, Lord Jarredd, is killed in an accident, leaving her a widow.
37.02.24 GRH Donson Master Donson (retired) is put in charge of beastcraft apprentices at GRH.
37.01.25 GRH Saris PROMOTION - Saris returns from Keroon as Master Beastcrafter overseeing all GRH beasts except ovines.
37.01.13 Keroon Tallin PROMOTION - Tallin walks tables at Keroon to become Journeywoman Beastcrafter.
37.01.01 GRH   First porcines arrive at GRH, housed away from the Hold Grounds and overseen by two herders skilled in working with porcines.
37 - Turn's Beginning GRH   GATHER - GRH Turnover Festival
Turn 36
36 - Turn's End GRH   GATHER - GRH Turnover Festival
36.13.26 GRH Jianna, Saris Lady Jianna, her son Caledd, JW Saris, and App Tallin are abducted by vengeful Raynart; Saris and Jianna are forced to fight a duel, which ends when Saris instead kills their abductor. ["Circle Back"]
36.13.10 GRH   Paper Mill completed.
36.12.27 GRH Zensyrus The herders organize a hunting party to rid the Hold of the felines who killed one of their children the night before. ["Red In Tooth And Claw"]
36.12.22 GRH Zensyrus A pride of felines is raiding livestock from the herders at GRH during the night. ["Red In Tooth And Claw"]
36.10.16 IIW   GATHER - A feast is held at Ierne Island Weyr in honor of the new Weyrleaders, followed by music and dancing. Green Ridge Hold is supplying foods and the ferry is making extra runs to accommodate Hold folk who wish to attend the festivities.
36.09.22 GRH Bakira A clock designed by Weyrwoman Bakira is completed and set up in Great Hall.
36.08.16, morning GRH Jianna RANKER TRANSFER OUT - Master Healer Anya is leaving the Hold and her craft, leaving her shoulder knots behind on the Lady's desk. ["Of Hides and Knots"]
36.08.06 GRH Selaira RANKER TRANSFER IN - Steward Selaira established at GRH. ["A Steward by Any Other Name"]
36.07.01 GRH   GATHER - Green Ridge Hold Homecoming Celebration: The herders return with their flocks from the mountain pastures. Feasting and dancing takes place, but no vendor stall are set up.
36.06.21 GRH   First GRH chickens hatch. ["The Chicken Or The Egg"]
36.06.20 GRH Donson TRANSFER IN - Master Donson (retired) arrives at GRH, still an invalid from his injuries in the tornado.
36.06.14 GRH   Construction begun on a grist mill, completed within a month.
36.05.16 TEW Julben, Anya RANKER DEATH - Steward Julben is killed at TEW trying to rescue a child from hurricane wreckage.
36.03.16 GRH Dala, Jaenick WEDDING - Headwoman Dala and Master Harper Jaenick exchange vows in the Lady's office. ["The Final Step"]
36.01.20 near GRH   A small gold firelizard clutch is found near Green Ridge Hold. [newsletter]
36.01.12 GRH Dala, Jaenick PROMOTION - Jaenick returns to Green Ride Hold as Master Harper. ["My Own Agenda"]
36.01.06 GRH Dala, Jaenick PROMOTION - Head Cook Dala is promoted to Headwoman, Rocbetta becomes Head Cook. ["My Own Agenda"]
36.01.05 GRH Dala, Jaenick PROMOTION - Journeyman Harper Jaenick travels to the Harper Hall to walk the tables. ["My Own Agenda"]
36.01.01 GRH Jianna RANKER TRANSFER OUT - Master Harper Radkym is asked by the Lady to leave the Hold. ["Directives"]
36 - Turn's Beginning GRH   GATHER - GRH Turnover Festival
Turn 35
35 - Turn's End GRH   GATHER - GRH Turnover Festival
35.12.20 GRH Koska NEW WATCHRIDER - Koska and green Valkyrith from TEW:UFRF retire and transfer to GRH as watchriders. Watchrider D'neel and brown Valeth transfer from GRH to IIW. ["One Final Change"]
35.11.03 GRH   Construction completed on a sawmill.
35.09.12 Black Rock Mine   Black Rock mine established, not large enough for exports, but provides fuel for the Hold and part of the tithes to Ierne Island Weyr.
35.08.22 GRH Aenggis RANKER TRANSFER IN - First ovines arrive by ship from the north along with Master Aenggis, ovine herders and herder canines. Arrivals continue for three sevendays.
35.07.06 - 09.27 GRH - manor   The Hold Manor is being built. The manor is made of stone with a slate roof; by the end of month 9, the first floor is complete and work continues on the second floor to be finished around month 12.
35.06.28 - 07.20 GRH   River gravel is laid out to build the road up from the river. Work continues for three weeks.
35.06.27 GRH - docks   The first ships arrive with runners and wagons.
35.06.15 - 07.21 GRH - barns   Work on the barns is begun and will continue for five weeks.
35.06.14 - 07.14 GRH - cots   Four cots are finished: One workers' sleeping cot, second is dining cot where a kitchen is set up, third is infirmary, fourth is for the Lady Holder. Work on cots will continue for four weeks until all are finished. Cots are made of the gray stone from the quarry, slate roofs and glass windows.
35.06.07 - 06.10 future Hold grounds   A water source is found to dig a well.
35.06.06 - 06.20 future Hold grounds   Boat docks are being built.
35.06.06 - 06.19 future Hold grounds   The smithy is being built.
35.06.06 future Hold grounds Saris, Tallin TRANSFER IN - JW Herder Saris and Apprentice Tallin arrive at GRH.
35.06.06 future Hold grounds   Work begins on all cots. Until the cots are finished, everyone is sleeping in a cave. A quarry for stone is established and footings are dug for the Hold's foundation.

There are a master mason and a few journeymen. Most workers are unskilled, future cotholders who will help construct the new Hold and then set up cotholds of their own beholden to the Lady Holder. Also dragonriders from TEW volunteered time to help work on both the Hold and the new Weyr.

35.06.04 future Hold grounds   The site is chosen for the Hold. ["Brave New World"]

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