Below is a history of North Tip Fishing Hold. This history is a constant work in progress and can be added to by any club member with personae in this location by contacting the council Archivist.

Date and Time Location Personas Involved Description of Event and Post Titles
Turn 40
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Turn 39
Turn 38
Turn 37
37.09.20 Dockside Bahlay, Leiki (npc) Reia and Leiki fall into the water by the dockside and the latter is rescued by journeywoman seacrafter Bahlay. ["Dripping Little Girls" (1-2)]
37.09.13 Storage Rooms Bahlay Journeywoman Bahlay is bitten by a tunnelsnake in the storage room. It is the third tunnelsnake attack that sevenday, the others being a drudge who was bitten and an apprentice whose arm was injured by tunnelsnake claws. ["A Surprise in Store" (1-2)]
Turn 36
36.11.03 IIW Kinnerk, Carmac The fishing schooner Wind's Bride from North Tip Fishing Hold stops by at the Weyr to deliver the Hold's winter tithes. A late evening arm-wrestling match and betting ensues between sailors and dragonriders in the Dining Cavern. ["Smith vs. Dragon"]
Turn 33: North Tim Fishing Hold is Established

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