Below is a history of the Thread's End Hold. This history is a constant work in progress and can be added to by any club member with personae in this location by contacting the council Archivist.

Date and Time Location Personas Involved Description of Event and Post Titles
Turn 41
Turnover TEH Vanerin, Divana Lord Vanerin and his family celebrate their first Turnover at Thread's End Hold
Turn 40
1 - 8.04.40 TEH Vanerin, Jianna New trade agreements established between TEH and GRH, restoring relationships tainted by Pantrin's reign
10.02.40 TEH Vanerin Lord Holder Vanerin and his family arrive at TEH to take hold [Goodbyes to be Said 1 - 6]
18.01.40 TEH Pantrin, Aichel Duel between Lord Holder Pantrin and his son Aichel results in both dying [Slashing the Ties That Bind]
Turn 39
17.10.39 TEH Melianna, Cerah Melianna comes South from Telgar Hold and when the cargo ship /Safe Harbor/ is wrecked in a sudden squall, she is rescued by Journeyman Cerah and her dolphin Aliea.
Turn 38
25.13.38 TEH Ossara MURDER: Journeywoman Weaver Ossara is murdered at the Weaver Crafthall at TEH.
??.01.38 TEH Carisus, Pantrin Lord Carisus and Alrisa, was caught out in Fall without shelter. With no one in contention for the Hold, Pantrin was confirmed as Lord Holder
Turn 37
07.01.37 TEH Ramilken, O'rin RANKER TRANSFER IN: Master Harper Ramilken arrives adragonback (O'rin and bronze Dredeth) at TEH to replace Master Harper Lazaria who transferred from TEH to SDH to replace Master Krilis who transferred north.
Turn 36
Turn's End TEH/TEHH   Gather: TEH Turnover Concert (performed by TEHH harpers)
08.11.36 TEH Varstael, Liana RANKER TRANSFER OUT: Steward Varstael and Master Healer Liana transfer to the north.
07.11.36 TEH Carisus, Nanirela WEDDING: Lady Nanirela and Lord Carisus get married.
14.10.36 TEH Carisus, Nanirela Lady Nanirela announces her willingness to marry Lord Holder Carisus just before the evening meal in the Dining Hall. [Built For The Future]
11.10.36 TEH Showanter, Carisus, Nanirela Master Showanter suffers a heart attack during a tour of the vineyards with Lord Carisus and Lady Nanirela, forcing him to leave the wine harvest to his Journeyfolk. This Turn's grapes have suffered from the hurricane and won't be suitable for wine. [Built For The Future]
03.10.36 TEH Carisus, Nanirela Lord Holder Carisus proposes a marriage to Lady Nanirela of Twin Stones Holding after the evening meal in the Dining Hall. Shocked by the unsuspected public proposal, she refuses. [Built For The Future]
14.07.36 TEH   GATHER: Due to bad weather, the Thread's End Hold Gather is held inside a large cavern.
Turn's Beginning TEH   GATHER: featuring a sailing competition, dragon poker and cook's chowder challenge
Turn 35
Turn's End TEH   GATHER: Runner races at TEH Turn's End Celebration
Turn 13 TEH   Thread's End Hold is established (same Turn as Thread's End Weyr)

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