Date and Time Location Description of Event
Turn 34
Locations established during Turn 34: DolphinCraft Hall, Southern WoodCraft Hall, Thread's End HarperCraft Hall
34.13.16 TEW GOLD FLIGHT - Golds Wyth (Cadrina) and Blyth (Mirsada) rise. Wyth is caught by bronze Golgameth (M'sere); Blyth is caught by bronze Quenth (M'hin).
34.12.25 TEW H A T C H I N G ! - Salarnath's clutch (13 eggs) and Moth's clutch (18 eggs) hatch. (Weyrling Class TEW35-1)
34.11.20 - 12.25 TEW S E A R C H ! - Salarnath clutches 13 eggs.
34.11.01 SWH NEW LOCATION - Southern WoodCraft Hall opens its doors.
34.08.10 TEW GOLD FLIGHT - Gold Salarnath (Nyna) rises and is caught by bronze Tregarth (F'len).
34.07 (end of month) SWH NEW LOCATION - Construction of the Southern WoodCraft Hall is begun.
34.06.05 TEW H A T C H I N G ! - Gwynth's clutch (25 eggs) hatches. For earlier Hatchings at TEW, please see the Thread's End Weyr Clutch Chart.

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