Date and Time Location Description of Event
Turn 35
Locations established during Turn 35: Green Ridge Hold, Ierne Island Weyr
35 - Turn's End TEW GATHER - TEW Turn's End Celebration - featuring runner jumping competitions, harper entertainment from TEHH and flavored snow treats
H A T C H I N G ! - Wyth's clutch (17 eggs - no gold) hatches just before midnight, interrupting the Turn's End feasting. (Weyrling Class TEW36-1)
35 - Turn's End TEH GATHER - Runner races at TEH Turn's End Celebration
35 - Turn's End IIW GATHER - IIW Turn's End Celebration - featuring runner and dragon races, swimming and dancing competitions
35.13.28 IIW H A T C H I N G ! - Zarabeth's clutch (16 eggs - no gold) hatches. (Weyrling Class IIW35-2)
35.13.21 IIW GOLD FLIGHT - Gold Imianth (Meira) rises and is caught by bronze Xyleth (C'rin) from IIW.
35.13.14 - 13.28 IIW S E A R C H ! - Zarabeth clutches 16 eggs.
35.13.09 IIW RANKER TRANSFER IN - Wingsecond P'deri and bronze Edrith transfer from Southern Weyr to IIW:CFMF.
35.12 GRH NEW LOCATION - Construction of Green Ridge Hold is completed.
35.11.11 IIW H A T C H I N G ! - Blyth's clutch (17 eggs) hatches. Apprentice Harper Leeya Impresses gold Siyrinth. (Weyrling Class IIW35-1)
35.10.14 IIW GOLD FLIGHT - Gold Zarabeth (Finn) rises and is caught by bronze Dracoth (D'ronte) from IIW.
35.09.27 - 11.11 IIW S E A R C H ! - Byth clutches 17 eggs, including 1 gold.
35.09.10 TEW H A T C H I N G ! - Salarnath's clutch (26 eggs) hatches. Andalyria Impresses gold Aramyth. (Weyrling Class TEW35-3)
35.09.03 TEW GOLD FLIGHT - Gold Wyth (Cadrina) rises and is caught by bronze Bendeth (S'bien) from TEW.
35.08.15 TEW Fog fall: Thread is due to fall over SDH and DH. When Weyrleader A'dlar sends out the usual pre-Threadfall sweeprider, the report comes back that the area is blanketed in heavy fog: lower and centre flight wings will be flying deep in the thick fog. The fall takes a heavy toll on the Weyr's wings, with visibility horrendously short: dragons are injured not only by thread but by flame and by desperate manoeuvring to avoid collisions. IIW assists by sending healers to help with the toll of wounded.
35.08.04 - 09.10 TEW S E A R C H ! - Salarnath clutches 26 eggs, including 1 gold.
35.07.07 IIW GOLD FLIGHT - Gold Blyth (Mirsada) rises and is caught by bronze Reth (T'veer). This flight establishes Senior Gold and Weyrleadership for the newly opened Ierne Island Weyr.
35.06.04 GRH NEW LOCATION - The site is chosen for Green Ridge Hold. Construction begins two days later and continues until Month 12.
35.06.02 High Crag Hold LANDSLIDE A hill at High Crag Hold, stripped of vegetation in preparation for terracing and soaked by rain, gives way, sliding down into High Crag Hold. The Corek trading train is there at the time and is also caught in the landslide, along with the hold's infirmary, some cots and the Tannercraft buildings . A sweeprider in the area sends word to the Weyr. Weyrleaders A'dlar and Nyna organise healers, masons, miners and transport. Holder Tharen's daughter Tyria is among the dead, and bronzerider Bl'ledon is injured.
35.06.01 - 06.07 DH PROMOTION - Dolphineers aboard the Dragon's Wing and the Gale and dolphins from the DolphinCraft Hall attend the Swimming of the Subsidence in the north. On 06.04, Master Shaylyn is appointed new Master Dolphineer for the DolphinCraft Hall by the Tillek to replace Master Halar upon return from the Subsidence.
35.05.06 TEW GOLD FLIGHT - Gold Salarnath (Nyna) rises and is caught by bronze Solarth (A'dlar) from TEW. This flight establishes Senior Gold and Weyrleadership.
35.04.20 TEW H A T C H I N G ! - Wyth's and Blyth's clutches (43 eggs combined) hatch. Apprentice Dragon Healer Sionen Impresses gold Tarmath. (Weyrling Class TEW35-2)
35.03.16 - 04.20 TEW S E A R C H ! - Wyth and Blyth clutch 43 eggs combined, including 1 gold. Quinn and green Heroth are appointed Weyrlingmistres for the clutch.
35.01.22 TEW WW/WL TRANSFER OUT - Weyrleaders R'myle (Abrath) and Janetha (Moth) transfer to Fort Weyr when R'myle becomes sick and is no longer fit to lead TEW.

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