Date and Time Location Description of Event
Turn 38 Month 13: July 2 to September 23, 2009
38.13.24 TEW GOLD FLIGHT - Gold Portiath (Zaera) rises and is caught by Dredeth (O'rin) from TEW. This flight confirms Weyrleadership. ["Don't Let Sleeping Dragons Lie 1-2"]
Turn 38 Month 12: April 9 to July 1, 2009
38.12.28 TEW RANKER TRANSFER OUT: Master Dragonhealer Merl transfers from TEW (Post series: Meeting of the Minds)
38.12.19 TEHH RANKER TRANSFER IN: Master Harper Jolani transfers in to TEHH (Post series: One Door Closes...)
38.12.16 TEHH RANKER PROMOTION: Journeywoman Healer Astira promoted to Master, TEHH (Post series 'Changing Views')
Turn 38 Month 11: January 15 to April 8, 2009
38.11.24 IIW GOLD FLIGHT: gold Sinevath rises, caught by bronze Ofiserth, making Tr'dav Weyrleader and Meruya Weyrwoman of IIW (Post series 'Elevation')
38.11.17 IIW RANKER PROMOTION: gold rider Sheeja promoted to wingsecond, Gold Wing, at IIW (Post 'New Knots')
Turn 38 Month 10: October 23 2008 to 14 Jan 2009
38.10.25 IIW RANKER TRANSFER OUT: Weyrwoman Pavielle transfers north from IIW as the result of illness
Turn 38 Month 9: July 31 to October 22, 2008
38.09.28 TEW DRAGON DEATH - Weyrling dragon Sianyth goes between when her rider Edanai is nearly drowned ["Having a Fall of a Time"]
Turn 38 Month 8: May 10 to July 30, 2008
TT.MM.DD Location Event
Turn 38 Month 7: February 16 to May 9, 2008
TT.MM.DD Location Event
Turn 38 Month 6: October 24, 2007, to February 15, 2008
38.06.01 TEW S E A R C H ! - Gold Pnaith clutches 14 eggs, no gold (PC clutch)
Turn 38 Month 5: August 1, 2007 to October 23, 2007
38.05.25 TEW GOLD FLIGHT - Gold Portiath (Zaera) rises in mid-morning in TEH lands (away from the Weyr) and is caught by Dredeth (O'rin) from TEW. This flight confirms Weyrleadership. ("Gold Rush" parts 1-3)
Turn 38 Month 4: May 9 to July 31, 2006
38.04.09 IIW H A T C H I N G ! - Cassimeth's clutch (16 eggs - no gold) hatches. (NPC clutch)
Turn 38 Month 2: November 22 to February 13
38.02.20 IIW GOLD FLIGHT - Gold Sinevath rises to mate, caught by bronze Sereanth
38.02.20 IIW RANKER DEATH - Wingleader M'karan dies during Sinevath's mating flight
Turn 38 Month 1: August 30 to November 21
38.01.20 GRH GOLD FLIGHT - Gold Pnaith (Vanyinka) rises at GRH, caught by bronze Pnerith ("The Fundamental Things Apply")
38.01.?? TEH RANKER DEATH Lord Carisus and Alrisa, was caught out in Fall without shelter. With no one in contention for the Hold, Pantrin was confirmed as Lord Holder

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