Date and Time
Location Description of Event Posts
Turn's End IIW Gold Mating Flight: Nayirin and Sireneth with Cr'leb and Ilyeth. Nayirin and Cr'leb become Weyrleaders of IIW. The First to Go
39.13.07 IIW Weyrwoman Meruya transfers to Telgar Weyrr Goldrider Nayirin is promoted to acting Weyrwoman of IIW The Tables have Turned 1-4
39.13.07 TEW O'rin transfers to CFMW due to recent changes in the wing and C'thir is promoted to Wingleader of UFLF Translation
39.12.17 TEW Gold Mating Flight: Miath (Arvesa) and Mentrath (Jr'don)  
39.12.02 GRH Jianna once again takes the position of Lady Holder due to an illness to her son, Lord Caledd, which makes him unable to continue living at Green Ridge. Brave New Hold (23)
39.11.25 IIW D’selin leaves for Ista Weyr to become the weyrlingmaster there The Final
39.11.10 GRH Due to illness Caledd leaves for the north, leaving Jianna in charge of the hold Brave New Hold (10)
39.10.17 TEH Melianna comes South from Telgar Hold and when the cargo ship /Safe Harbor/ is wrecked in a sudden squall, she is rescued by Journeyman Cerah and her dolphin Aliea. Daughter on the Storm
39.10.16 TEW Gold Mating Flight for Weyrleadership:Indorath and (Amallia) with Ciorith and (R'ioke) -
39.10.12 TEW 12 new weyrlings join the weyr -
39.10.12 TEW Tarmath Clutches 12 eggs -
39.09.22 TEW Weyrwoman Zaera overdoses on fellis and dies. Numweed Day Stinks! (1-7)
39.08.02 TEW Gold Mating Flight: Sionen and Tarmath with Vl'mos and Azeroth -
39.07.24 TEW O'rin transfers back to UFLF as Wingleader Best Laid Parties
39.06.20 IIW Meruya's Sinevath rises and is caught by A'far's bronze Umberlith: A'far replaces Tr'dav as IIW Weyrleader, and Tr'dav moves to UFLT The Goldrider's Dilemma
39.06.13 SDH SDH's Master Healer Corson leaves to return to Igen, and is replaced by Master Healer Astira Researching the Glows
39.06.11 SDH SDH's new Lord Holder, Iveran, arrives Everything Must Change
39.06.04 SDH When her daughter Anilin dies from a fever caught at the gather, Lady Anlie resigns and leaves SDH Referenced in Everything Must Change
39.05.24 - 28 SDH Sonnette's Dawn Hold racemeet (D24 - 28) and two-day gather (D27 and 28) O Come All Ye
39.20.05 TEW:UFRF Wingleader A'rin returns to Igen and X'dren is promoted to Wingleader of UFRF When Duty Comes Calling
39.05.?? GRH/SDH Lady Jianna and Master Herder Konnor retire: Lady Jianna's second son Caledd becomes Lord Holder at GRH No posts
39.02.14 TEW:UFLF Wingleader L'len demoted: bronzerider R'ioke promoted to Wingleader Doom by Dragonpoker
39.01.27 TEW area, flight sector E4/W4 THREADFALL: heavy winds cause a high number of injuries in TEW wings, particular Upper Flight. Injuries range from minor to very serious, although there are no fatalities Evidence of Absence 1 - 8
39.01.23 IIW Hatching Ground H A TC H IN G ! - Sinevath's clutch laid. 12 eggs, including a gold egg Ah, That's Better

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