Date and Time Location Description of Event Posts
07.10.40 TEW Marsena and gold Kisseth transfer out; Jetelle and gold Iriseth transfer in. The Transfer
19.09.40 IIW Gold Mating Flight for Weyrleadership: Sirenith (Nayirin); won by Daleith (M'kellen). Second Place Doesn't Win the Gold (1 & 2)
01.08.40 IIW Kalareth's clutch hatches. Gold Cearath is Impressed by Tienna. Gravity (3)
24.06.40 IIW Kalareth (Jessalie) clutches 14 eggs including a gold egg. Gravity (1 & 2)
12.06.40 IIW The Weyr celebrates 5 Turns since its founding with a Founding Day Ball. The Founding Day Ball (1 - 3)
10.02.40 TEH Lord Holder Vanerin takes hold at TEH Goodbyes to be Said (1 - 6)
18.01.40 TEH Duel between Lord Holder Pantrin and his son Aichel results in both dying Slashing the Ties That Bind
Turn's Beginning All Turn's Beginning celebrations

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