Beholden to: Sonnette's Dawn Hold
Holder/Family: Mallen, Holder and Journeyman Herder
Juleva, Holder's Wife and ex-Apprentice Healer
Geographic Location: (W2) On the eastern side of the Black Rock River (in what is named on the map in DragonsDawn as Araby, about halfway along the river between Sonnette's Dawn Hold and the Sea of Azov).
Physical Description: A medium-sized stone dwelling, which has been added to over the 33 Turns since established. Stone barns to house animals -- runnerbeasts, herdbeasts, fowl, swine, canines and felines and on occasion some wild animals kept awhile to be studied (for example, large felines, wild runners and herdbeasts, etc.). Pens and fields walled with stone and with stone shelters for beasts during Threadfall. All kept very neat and paths grass-free. Some small cots for the few drudges who help at the hold. All set a little way back from the river but within walking distance. Small black sand beaches on the river bank kept clear of undergrowth to be used for swimming, recreation. Some garden patches well away from the buildings where food is grown -- fruits, vegetables, herbs (for both food and healing).
Hold Economics: The hold is largely self-sufficient. Foods and supplies which cannot be grown at the Hold are bought at gathers at Sonnette's Dawn, where Mallen takes or sends beasts to be traded, or when traders visit, which does not happen often. He also likes to send runnerbeasts to take part in the racing.
Craft Halls: None mentioned.
People of Note: Besides the holders, a few children are fostered there from time to time. No drudges identified. The hold is not large enough to have a steward or headwoman; Mallen and Juleva attend to those matters themselves.
Miscellaneous: --
Created by: Jumara

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