Beholden to: Thread's End Hold
Holder/Family: Capal, Holder
Monetta, Holder's Wife
Geographic Location: (E3) Breakwater is on the coast about a half-day's sail south of the Woodcraft Hall, just north of the Paradise River.
Physical Description: The main Hold house is in a crude stage, with the hold only being about a turn old. It primarily consists of two cave systems, one used as living quarters by Capal and Monetta, and the other shared by the other families who live and work in the small hold. Capal would like to trade the woodcrafters and stonemasons working on the Southern Woodcraft Hall fish and seafood for helping him finish off a front facade for the caves, making Breakwater look more like a proper Hold.
Hold Economics: The men of the hold fish for a living, trading for goods from other surrounding holds. They're looking forward to the Southern Woodcraft Hall being built north of them as an added source of trade. Capal keeps two fishing trawlers, as large as he could get that could still be handled by two to three men, plus one smaller, rather beat up little trawler (his first purchase as a Holder) that they use as a backup.
Craft Halls: None.
People of Note:
  • Devan (24), Capal and Monetta's son
  • Menkin, cousin of Capal
  • Risse, wife of Menkin
  • Teivy (12), son of Menkin and Risse
  • Brist, former seaman of Capal's
  • Falian, Brist's wife
  • Karn, fisherman
Miscellaneous: Breakwater is the hold Master Chanthen stayed at while surveying the section of land north of it for the Southern Woodcraft Hall. It is also the hold that took in the kidnapped Thread's End Hold children when the bandits who had taken them finally released them.
Created by: F'len

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