Beholden to: Sonnette's Dawn Hold
Holder/Family: Tharen, Holder
Sethia, Holder's Wife
plus four children:
Sethren, 9
Tyria, 6 (deceased; killed in a landslide PP35)
Mathen and Mythia (twins), 3
Geographic Location: Southern sector W2, along the eastern banks of the Black Rock River.
Physical Description: Not described.
Hold Economics: High Crag's income is set mainly around its Tannercrafters, a new enclave set up at the hold only recently. They are attempting to build a thriving business by importing hides and exporting finished leather goods around the southern continent.
Craft Halls: No Halls, per se, but a strong Tannercraft enclave, plus the usual one or two journeymen from other crafts.
People of Note: None mentioned.
Miscellaneous: The Hold from which Steward of Sonnette's Dawn Hold was returning when he was set upon by raiders in the Stony Waste; Rifgan was the holder at that time, but he has since been replaced by Lady Anlie with a new holder, Tharen, the youngest son of a Northern Holder and his master tanner lady.
Created by: Jenna

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