North Tip Fishing Hold

About the Hold...

Established in Turn 33 of the Present Pass, North Tip is a minor hold lying on the northern tip of Ierne Island, about 125 miles north of Ierne Island Weyr in Flight Sector W3. Since it is outside the territories claimed by any Major Hold, it tithes directly to Ierne Island Weyr.

Hold Economics:

As its name suggests, North Tip is a fishing hold with an accumulation of indivudual cots situated around a main gathering hall, all built on poles to prevent flooding should the tide run higher than expected. Besides the main hall, the two largest buildings are a boat hall for storage and repair, including a small forge, and a catch storage hall with adjacent smoking and salting rooms. The family cots are situated in a half circle on the landside of the main building with dorms for single seacrafters between the cots and the hall.


The latitude is approximately equivalent to Tillek, and the climate is similar if a bit milder during winter than that of Ierne Island Weyr and Green Ridge Hold.

People of Note:

For a list of people currently assigned to here, see the North Tip Fishing Hold roster.

Past Events:

For a list of past events at North Tip Fishing Hold, see the North Tip Fishing Hold Archives.

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