The following Club locations are considered NPC/free (NPL/free?), and active personas (PCs) may not be permanently assigned to any of them. However, they are available to anyone as story locations, birthplaces, etc.

You are not limited to this list of locations for your writing purposes. These minor holds, etc., have been included here only as a convenience and because they have been used across a spectrum of members and storylines. Others will be considered for inclusion here as the situation warrants.

If you use these locations, we ask that you keep your writing consistent with any information shown for them on these pages.

Thread's End Weyr
Flight Sector Location
W1 Black Rock River Hold
E2 Breakwater Hold
W1 High Crag Hold
W4 The Maze
E4 Moonlight Hold
E4 Moonskeep Hold
W2 River's Edge Hold
E3 Sommerlunding Hill Hold
E1 Southern Woodcraft Hall
Ierne Island Weyr
Flight Sector Location
W3 North Tip Fishing Hold

Last updated on 29-Jul-12.

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