Beholden to: Thread's End Hold
Holder/Family: Jandel, Holder
Age: 35

Physical Decription: Not too much taller than an average sized man, sandy brown hair, with piercing blue eyes. Because of working with stone all of his life, he has a buff upper muscular build and large calves from lifting with his legs. Being a stone worker he has very callused hands, the only scar that he has is on his hand from when he blooded his wher.

Personality: Naturally a good hearted man, but refuses to be pushed around and takes firm command when it comes to his Hold. When he is not dealing with business, he loves to have a good laugh and enjoy a good cup of klah.

Bonded to brown watchwher protecting the Hold grounds.
Geographic Location: Far east coast, Sector E2.
Physical Description: A small to medium sized hold, it is situated on and in a cliff overlooking the ocean. The hold has three levels inside the cliff. The bottom one is used as a beast cot for the runners that are bred here and for storage of grains and fodder. The second level is contains quarters for workers and drudges. The third level contains the kitchen as well as offices and quarters for harper and managers. The part of the hold that sits on top of the cliff is the family area and guest quarters. In front of the main building is a large flat area used for small gathers. The building itself is made from a type of stone that was mined from the nearby cliff's. It is a pinkish stone with flecks of quartz throughout. The way it glows in the light of the moons gave the hold its name.
Hold Economics: It is for the most part a self sufficient hold with its own gardens that supply fresh vegetables and herbs for medicines. Herdbeast are kept inland by herders and provide fresh meat and dairy products. But the main product of the hold is a new type of runner that promises to be the fastest thing with four legs on Pern.
Craft Halls: Nothing formal, but a small enclave of stonecrafters has taken up residence here.
People of Note: Iaycint, Headwoman
Age: 52

Physical Description: A slight woman, who is beginning to slow with her coming age. A woman who is just as tall as most of the other women in the Hold, she does not let her size get to her. Her brown eyes have specks of green in them, which makes her all the more intimidating by throwing off the people she is shouting orders at. She also has light red hair.

Personality: She does not approve of the way the Holder shows himself and makes up for his carefree ways by being stern with everyone she comes across including the Holder. She never seems to relax at any given moment, even when she is exhausted. She gives all the Hold children jobs, if they complain of being sick, she goes and checks on them herself to make sure that they aren't faking it to get out of chores. She also does not believe in owning a firelizard, if she needs something delivered she waits for the next ship to come in to docks or the next person heading to another Hold to visit.


  • Master Donal, beastmaster
Miscellaneous: Moonlight hold was built about 20 Turns by Jandel's father and mother and has been added onto over the Turns by Jandel himself. It recently occurred to him that the same quarry which yielded the stone for his home could be used to increase revenue for the hold. With this in mind he built a large comfortable hall and began to recruit stoneworkers. Recruitment was easy when the stoneworkers got a look at the quality of stone coming from the quarry. For over a Turn now beautiful works of art had been coming from the hall. The grounds of Moonlight Hold are protected by a watchwher bonded to Holder Jandel.
Created by: Tezza

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