Beholden to: Thread's End Hold
Holder/Family: Marlyr, Holder - 56 turns
Lyrilliana - 24 turns, oldest daughter
Jaklemar - 22 turns, oldest son and heir to the hold
Javvy - 19 turns, daughter, ran away 4 turns ago
Geographic Location: Sector E4, west and far south close to E5.
Physical Description: Moonskeep is of a medium to large size for a holding. The main complex is set in a large, sheer cliff, which makes up the northern side of a small mountain, the very tip of those that eventually rise to form the Eastern Barrier Range. Set among dense, mixed tropical and temporal forests, space for field and pasturage was hard to clear, and thus very limited. A type of a natural ramp leads up to and under an arched gate into a small, cramped courtyard. The main hold is located inside the cliff, in the traditional style. The massive doors open into the Great Dining Hall, tables set up under a high arched ceiling - a surprising sight, though the large cavern was of natural origin. The Holder’s office is located on this level, as well as the kitchens - off on the other side. On the opposite side of the long Hall a wide staircase leads to another set of heavy doors, usually open to the constant flow of people. Narrow tunnels lead up to the multiple higher levels, winding through the cliff in a sporadic maze. Many were naturally formed and then widened, and there are back tunnels that no one ever explored completely. The second level - blending into the first in some areas, is mostly composed of store rooms, workshops, and the infirmary. This design isn’t comfortable, but the builders tried to work around what already existed to easily create vast amounts of space. Higher up begin the private rooms, in all sizes and levels of comfort, starting with the best towards the bottom, such as the Holder’s quarters.

Workshops, craft buildings, and a small runner barn are located inside the courtyard. Before the regally set hold the relatively large Gather Grounds sprawl in a circle of tall trees. To the left of the hold fields of crops begin, a small stream channeled between them for use during summer irrigation of the more finicky harvests. To the right are pastures of the beastcraft, the main runner barns set a short distance away from the Grounds.
Hold Economics: A self-sufficient hold, it is relatively new and rapidly expanding. Holder Marlyr is an ambitious man who achieved a lot with his hold in the short time since he founded it. Herdbeasts are kept, mostly at distant pastures, and supply dairy products and fresh meat. Various other beasts and fowl are also held, but only enough to supply the hold itself. Some marks are earned on the excess crops, but the hold’s biggest profit is made from selling a distinct and new breed of draft runners. The huge, black beasts have a considerable amount of endurance and are great for the vast and formidable southern lands. Moonskeep has also taken up the recent trend in the area of raising runners for racing. Buying some expensive stock from different northern holds, Moonskeep succeeded in breeding some fine runners. Their three best rate well within the area as well as all over the South, and have earned considerable marks.

Moonskeep’s economy is closely linked with that of the other three holds in the area: Canara Creek to the north, Obsidian to the northeast, and Starfall to the east. Most of the needed trading and bartering is done with these holds, as well as some sales. Moonskeep hosts an annual Gather in the fall, around the beginning of month 4, at which the Holders meet. Trader trains arrive at this Gather to supply the holds’ people with things that aren’t made within their home. Most arrangement between holds for the coming winter are made during this time, and races are run by the hold’s best racing runners.
Craft Halls: Nothing official, and no Masters have yet migrated to this distant hold. Moonskeep does have some smiths and farmers, and even an old Journeyman Harper. There are quite a few beastcrafters, both apprentices and journeymen, who took up residence in Moonskeep, developing and training its promising stock.
People of Note: Gelayne, Senior Journeyman Beastcrafter - 67 turns, trains Moonskeep’s racing runners

(From neighboring holds:)
Eldoron, Holder of Starfall Hold
Myatanda - Eldoron’s spouse
Elyat - 27 turns, oldest son
Anel - 26 turns, daughter
Tadon - 18 turns, son

Dametnos, Holder of Obsidian Hold
Daset - 24 turns, oldest son
Sahmet - 15, daughter
6 other children, including fosters

Tsana, Holder of Canara Creek - 46 turns
Jerillion - 18 turns, foster son
Miscellaneous: Holder Marlyr founded Moonskeep Hold less than 10 turns ago. It was at about the same time that Starfall was founded by Eldoron, who came from the same area of the North as Marlyr. Eldoron was a guileful man, powerful, and was quickly dictating his own rules with threats, most of which weren’t empty. Marlyr was handfasted to Eldoron’s beloved sister by arrangement. She grew to love Marlyr but died after giving birth to their third child. Eldoron never forgave Marlyr for it and relations were always tense between them at best. A third hold was soon established in the area by Dametnos, a wise but peaceful man, and his Obsidian Hold was quickly running to please Eldoron. Canara Creek was founded only four turns ago by a woman named Tsana, but despite the assumptions that she would succumb to the rigors of life in the south, her hold flourished. Canara never grew close to the other three holds, though, as Holder Tsana preferred to trade with the distant major Holds rather than complicate her life with the intrigues of her neighbors.
Created by: Aleandra

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