Beholden to: Sonnette's Dawn Hold
Holder/Family: Corant, Holder
Elise, Holder's Wife (deceased)
sons Mickhal (13) and Trement (12)
Geographic Location: (W3) Upriver from Sonnette's Dawn on the eastern shore of the Black Rock River, about a day's ship travel from the Southern Sea; positioned on the small lake just before the river narrows significantly and moves toward the Southern Sea.
Physical Description: The main Hold house is set inland about three dragonlengths from the shore of the small lake, and its front courtyard is surrounded by a low stone wall. Most of the house is built into the cliff, with only its man-made stone front facade protruding out into the courtyard. Corant has built an extensive docking facility on the lake/river to allow him to ship his harvested wood. Inland from the main house is a vast forest, sawmill, and experimental growth area used by the foresters.
Hold Economics: The Hold is supported by a prosperous forestry business and preserve. For all of Corant's faults, he is keenly aware of the ins and outs of growing and harvesting trees and of sawyering. He is an ardent proponent of reforestation and personally selects all trees for cutting. Wood from his trees is held in high regard and demand by both the Seacrafter and Woodsmith crafts.
Craft Halls: No major craft halls; branches of woodsmiths, foresters are housed there, plus a new metalsmith group that is making an attempt to build a trade there and are much in demand for their gemstone jewelry.
People of Note: Daufin, steward
Miscellaneous: Lost a good percentage of its population from a rampant virus early in Turn 35.
Created by: Jenna

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