Beholden to: Thread's End Hold
Holder/Family: Lerond, Holder
Geographic Location: Sommerlunding Hill Hold is on the eastern banks of the Big (or Paradise) River, just over the Sector E4 line into Sector E5.
Physical Description: Docking and mooring facilities have been built along the banks of the river, taking advantage of a natural cove in the lee of tall cliffs and caves that dot the waterline, where repair facilities have been installed. Flat-bottomed barges are the most common boats that can be seen, but occasionally, a larger cargo vessel may be anchored mid-river where the water runs deeper.

Tracks can be seen along the shoreline where wagons and carts have packed the ground from repeated crossings. The tracks lead in three main directions: north, toward Thread's End Hold and the Southern Sea; east, upland toward Lerond's main hold grounds; and south, following the river as it meanders through the fringes of the Stony Waste toward the Eastern Barrier Range. The land turns rugged and inhospitable the further south one goes.

The main hold building is situated a number of dragonlengths in from the river, facing south and built into the cliffs on the top of a high hill. Surrounding the front of it is a broad stone-walled courtyard, at the back of which are wide steps the length of the building that lead up to the impressive metal-sheathed double doors that form the entrance. For a minor holder, Lerond's estate is extravagantly appointed.

To the west and south of the landing area, which itself is southwest of the main hold building, one can make out tilled fields. Grains cover a number of them, as well as cotton and a variety of other plants. To the northwest are the barns and stables, as well as pasturage for the runners and other beasts kept at the hold.
Hold Economics: None specifically mentioned to date, except for the trafficking of stolen goods from bandit and raider bands in the surrounding areas.
Craft Halls: None mentioned.
People of Note: Abellard, steward (was in on the smuggling)
Miscellaneous: Sommerlunding Hill Hold was the drop-off point for goods stolen by the Thread's End crime gang ("Crime at Thread's End Hold" storyline) and the Stony Waste raiders ("Out for Blood" storyline). Steward Abellard would see that the goods were shipped out by riverboat to a seagoing vessel further downriver, then transported to the island base of the offshore smuggling ring that was overseeing the stealing.
Created by: Behlana vashti Ruthgar

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