About the Hall...

The DolphinCraft Hall - established PP Turn 34 - is a major self-contained craft hall situated at the mouth of the Black Rock River, about the Pernese equivalent of a half mile north of Sonnette's Dawn Hold. Sonnette's Dawn and the Dolphin Hall share docking and mooring facilities, some of the finest in the south. Thread's End Weyr is responsible for Thread control over Dolphin Hall. The Hall is in Flight Sector W1.

For details on how the Hall relates to other locations referenced by DragonRiders, please see the Timezones/Distances page.

Hall Economics:

Dolphin Hall provides their unique services to the large area around it and its population. (They are much like Dragonriders providing their Thread fighting services to their area of responsibility.) Dolphineers and their Dolphins can provide services such as: coastal mapping, underwater mapping, weather alert, underwater explorations, coast guarding, sea escort, search and rescue. Dolphineers have a special duty to care for their Dolphin pods in return for the services their Dolphins make possible.

Dolphincraft Information:

For information on the Dolphineer craft, including Rank and Advancement in the Dolphin Hall, communication, and the Dolphin Contract, please see the Dolphineer Craft Corner Page.

People of Note:

For a list of people currently assigned to here, see the DolphinCraft Hall roster.

Past Events:

For a list of past events at the DolphinCraft Hall, see the DolphinCraft Hall Archives.

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