About the Hall...

Thread's End Harper Hall - established PP Turn 34 - is a major self-contained craft hall situated along the eastern coast of the Thread's End peninsula between the Weyr and Cove Hold. The lands the Hall occupies were granted outright by Thread's End Hold and the Hall is autonomous with no obligation to the Hold. Thread's End Weyr is responsible for thread control over the Harper Hall. The hall is in flight sector E1.

For details on how the Hall relates to other locations referenced by DragonRiders, please see theTimezones/Distances page.

Hall Economics:

The harper hall is supported mainly by a tithe from all HarperCraft Masters and Journeyfolk posted to Holds, Halls, and Weyrs throughout the southern continent. In addition it generates earnings from the sale of music and instruments, both through direct commission and through the gathers. Attendance at the larger choral performances will also generate earnings. Tuition is charged for all students wishing to study at the hall who have not been apprenticed into the craft. Journeyfolk shall be required to perfect their craft through practicums in other Halls, Holds and Weyrs. Fees paid for their services go directly to the hall, and the Journeyperson is then supported by a stipend from the hall during their 'journey.'

The Hall tithes directly to the Weyr.

People of Note:

For a list of people currently assigned to here, see theThread's End HarperCraft Hall roster.

Past Events:

For a list of past events at Thread's End HarperCraft Hall, see theThread's End HarperCraft HallArchives.

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