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Green Ridge Hold, established in the 35th turn of the 9th pass, is located on the western banks of the Dragon's Gate River, directly across from Ierne Island Weyr. The Holding is large, extending westward through a terrain of rolling hills and protected valleys. Settlement westward is sparse at this time, with scattered beholden cotholds raising sheep and foodstuffs that support both the Hold and the Weyr. The Manor itself, sitting above the river, is built of the grey stone pried from the hills themselves and is surrounded by numerous cots and outbuildings. Docks have been built on the downstream arm of a small point that juts into the river, and from here ships arrive and depart, carrying sale and trade items. There is also a ferry here which navigates the seven-mile stretch across the river to Ierne Island Weyr.

The surrounding terrain is hilly to mountainous with the mainland becoming more rugged to the south, east and west. The cold Dragon Gate River, falling steeply as it does from the frigid lake to the south, has an extremely strong and swift current, flowing at its mouth with fresh water as it divides and passes Ierne Island Weyr and Green Ridge Hold. Waters here are not saline enough to support dolphins for any length of time. (This information was derived from the map on page 2 of The Atlas of Pern by Karen Wynn Fonstad.)

For details on how the Hold relates to other locations referenced by DragonRiders, please see the Timezones/Distances page.

Ferry Schedule between Green Ridge Hold and Ierne Island Weyr:

For the convenience of those wishing visit Ierne Island Weyr from Green Ridge Hold, a Ferry boat is available. There will be one round trip per day from Green Ridge Hold to Ierne Island Weyr. Typical payment for the Ferry is 1/8th mark; however, haggling is expected.

*times may vary depending on weather and cargo
Departure Location Departure Time Arrival Location Arrival Time Layover
Green Ridge Hold 4 hours before noon Ierne Island Weyr 3 hours before noon 1 hour
Ierne Island Weyr 2 hours before noon east fork bank 1/2 hour before noon 1 1/2 hours
east fork bank 1 hour after noon Ierne Island Weyr 2 1/2 hours after noon 1 hour
Ierne Island Weyr 3 1/2 hours after noon Green Ridge Hold 4 1/2 hours after noon --

Hold Economics:

Green Ridge is mainly a beasthold, its main source of income from the sale of the fine wool from the hardy strain of sheep brought from the north. Fine runnerbeasts are raised there as well, from stock combined with blood from the north and that of Sonnette's Dawn, although at present (autumn, turn 36) runner breeding has just begun, and numbers are small, with the first small crop of racers born only the previous late spring. Herdbeasts are maintained for food for the Hold as well as support of the Weyr, although they do not play a major role in Hold economics. During turn 36 the Hold began raising chickens, and in turn 37 will begin also to produce porcines. All crafts are represented to some extent, with major emphasis on farmcraft, beastcraft and weavercraft since the three play a major role in the survival of the fledgling Hold.

All residents of the Hold either work for the Holder, or they are involved in some private enterprise/craft of their own.

Those who work for the Hold are expected to put in a specified amount of time per sevenday engaged in their specific tasks. They are provided housing, meals and some use of common stores in addition to whatever wage is arranged. In addition, they may if they choose, in whatever spare time they have, create or produce items relating to their skills and sell them on open market.

If they are managing a 'business' of their own on Hold Grounds, they must pay rent for housing and food, if desired. If they wish to build their own cots/workshops, they must pay a fee to the Hold for the space on which to build.

All residents of the Hold, whether on Hold Grounds, or outside the immediate Grounds, are expected to tithe to the Hold, and the tithe can be in goods or in actual marks. Tithes for the previous turn are due to be paid by Turnover.

Except during the cold winter months, Hold residents, crafters, and cotholders generally gather at the Manor grounds on the last day of the month to discuss problems and progress and to share what news may have arrived from distant places in Pern. At that time petitions for judgment are presented to the Lady for conflicts or situations requiring her rulings, and marriages are often held during such days. Meals are provided in the dining hall, and housing is usually in various cots scattered about the grounds; some stay in the guest rooms in the manor, as their station permits. Those with tradable crafts/produce most usually bring them along, and by month 9 of turn 35, a small market day developed, although less formal than the one at Sonnette's Dawn.

During the autumn of turn 36 the Hold began constructing a paper mill on a stream three hours' ride from the Hold grounds, with paper available by the end of month thirteen. While not flooding the planet with paper, the mill produces enough for the Hold's needs with enough left over for profitable sale and export.

Green Ridge Hold Ovines

The ovines raised at Green Ridge Hold are relatively large, with the rams ranging from 150-200 pounds and ewes from 90-125. Both rams and ewes are horned, with the horn curving backward (see the GRH emblem) and growing larger on rams than ewes. They have naturally short tails which require no docking. Ewes generally begin producing offspring after their second turn, and 60-70 percent of them usually give birth to twins. The lambs, weighing about ten pounds at birth, are vigorous and have a strong will to live. They are born with protection from cold in the form of a fuzzy coat which they shed at about 45 days. Lambs are born a dusty brown which lightens to a rich cream by their second turn. They are a slow-growing ovine and do not reach maturity until into their second turn.

Wool length is from five to six inches in length (except on the legs and face which are bare of wool) and is a creamy white which readily accepts dyes. The occasional miscolored lamb is slaughtered for meat or sold to buyers not particular about quality of the wool. During warm months they shed wool freely, rubbing against any rough surface, and if not sheared in early spring, they will nevertheless be "wool-less" by spring's end, wearing a coat of short straight hair throughout the summer. As autumn approaches, wool again begins to grow and continues to lengthen throughout the winter. Wool sheared from first-turn lambs is a rich beige color and is much sought after because of its limited availability.

The ovines are thrifty and, when allowed to roam freely, forage well for themselves on grasses. During winter months they require no grain and manage well on hay. Tough of spirit as well, the ewes fight fiercely to defend their young, and their sharp curving horns can be a threat to any beast. Rams are sometimes quarrelsome when defending their flocks from 'poaching' by other rams, and so the flocks at Green Ridge Hold are kept separately in flocks of about 90-100 ewes and two-three rams.

These ovines share qualities borrowed from various breeds of present day Earth sheep, especially from the Wiltshire Horn, the Manx Loghtan and the German Grey Heath.

A Homecoming celebration is held in the autumn when flocks are brought down from the hills where they have summered to their winter quarters in pastures near the Hold grounds.

People of Note:

For a list of people currently assigned to here, see the Green Ridge Hold roster.


Green Ridge's climate is temperate--cold winters with some snow and summers that are warm.

Season Months
Summer 1 - 3
Autumn 4 - 6
Winter 7 - 10
Spring 11 - 13

People of Note:

For a list of people currently assigned to here, see the Green Ridge Hold roster.

Past Events:

For a list of past events at Green Ridge Hold, see the Green Ridge Hold Archives.

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