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Sonnette's Dawn Hold - established PP Turn 20 - is situated on the eastern banks Black Rock River in the Southern continent, about the Pernese equivalent of a half mile from the point at which the river empties into the Southern Sea. Its nearest "neighbour" is the Dolphin Hall, a major self-contained craft hall situated at the mouth of the Black Rock River, or about a half mile west of the Hold. Sonnette's Dawn and the Dolphin Hall share docking and mooring facilities, some of the finest in the south. Thread's End Weyr is responsible for Thread control over Sonnette's Dawn, and the Hold tithes to them regularly. The Main Hold is in Flight Sector W1, but the area beholden to Sonnette's Dawn Hold includes all of TEW Flight Sectors W2, W3 and the western half of Sector W4. Among small holds beholden to Sonnette's Dawn are Black Rock River Hold, High Crag Hold and River's Edge Hold.

For details on how the Hold relates to other locations referenced by DragonRiders, please see theTimezones/Distances page.

Hold Economics

Sonnette's Dawn is primarily a "ranching" type of hold, and part of its annual tithe to the Weyr is in food beasts for the Weyr personnel and dragons. It is known for its runnerbeast and herdbeast breeding programs and has begun a brisk exchange with other Holds, both in the North and the South, for its stock. Guards are put on the herds night and day, and this task is rotated. Bloodlines of all beasts have been developed by linebreeding with timely selective outcrosses. Master Herder Konnor determines the fair selling price for all beasts and does not bargain over the amount established.

Hold drudges take care of general cleaning and helping with basic tasks around the facilities. Herders do the tasks associated with the beasts. Kennel and stable duty -- that is, mucking stalls, etc. -- is done generally by persons living at SDH who otherwise have no specific skill to market, and they do receive some wage.

The Hold has also gained an informal reputation for its hospitality. Many of the riders from the Weyr stop in for the nooning meal when they're assigned to fly sweep over Sonnette's Dawn's flight sector. You're also invited to join the Hold residents and visitors from the general area, including the Dolphin Hall, for a Market Dayevery third restday of the month (the 21st).


SDH raises two types of runners: racers and those of slightly stockier bloodlines used to work the herds. Most of the racers are sold, and SDH itself has not done great deal of racing in the past, although their racing activities are increasing. Racers are not commonly ridden except by those assigned to exercise them. The working runners that are ridden on the premises are all mares or geldings; stallions are for breeding only and are kept in a separate barn. A number of "school runners" are kept for use in training apprentices to ride. All runners belonging to SDH are branded with a rising sun as well as a number and the turn for those born to the Hold.


SDH has a large herd; the best stock is used for breeding and the rest are sold/used as foodbeasts or driven to Thread's End Weyr as tithe. There has been a brisk call for SDH breeding stock throughout both the north and south. In addition, SDH supplies draft herdbeasts (oxen, which are steers that have been allowed to mature) to holds needing such beasts. Herdbeasts are branded like the runners.


SDH raises two types of canines. Both are working animals and are notgenerally kept as pets. One, a giant breed, is used to guard the herd and premises in general. (In Terran terms, we might compare these to Irish wolfhounds) The second is used as a herder and is a short-legged corgi-like canine. Few hounds are sold -- and never put up for sale during market day -- although there is a waiting list for SDH puppies.

About Beastcraft/Herder Apprentices

SDH is host to only a few apprentices at any one time -- after all, the Hold is not a Crafthall, and apprentices are taken only due to the good will ofthe Lady Holder. Apprentices spend most of their time in the company of journeymen learning about the various aspects of breeding, raising and caring for beasts. Master Konnor sometimes conducts classes, especially in his area of specialty, which is the selective breeding of fine beasts. If under 15 turns of age, apprentices also spend a certain amount of time in harper classes each day. Apprentices do help at times with some of the basic chores.

People of Note:

For a list of people currently assigned to here, see theSonnette's Dawn Hold roster.

Past Events:

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