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Thread's End Weyr is responsible for Thread control over Thread's End Hold, and the Hold tithes to them regularly. The Main Hold is in TEW Flight Sector E1; its beholden territory includes of Flight Sectors E2, E3, E4 and the Eastern half of E5. Among minor holds beholden to TEH are Cove Hold, Moonlight Hold, Breakwater Hold, Moonskeep Hold and Sommerlunding Hill Hold, found on the Miscellaneous Locations page.

For details on how the Hold relates to other locations referenced by DragonRiders, please see the Timezones/Distances page.

Hold Economics:

Thread's End Hold - established PP Turn 13 - is a rich Hold due to its age, resources and residents. It is able to house a varied amount of crafts though it makes income mostly from the Weaver Hall, the stables of the finest runners, and its wines. In addition, herders make sure herd beasts are in surplus for trading and tithing to the Weyr. Farmers produce a comfortable support for the whole Hold. Harpers provide their services to the Hold as well as outlying minor holds.

Peninsula Runner Station 642, located at Thread's End Hold, was established PP Turn 24.

People of Note:

For a list of people currently assigned to here, see the Thread's End Hold roster.

Past Events:

The Founding - For a list of past events at Thread's End Hold, see the Thread's End Hold Archives.

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