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Peninsula Runner Station 642 looks to Thread's End Hold and Thread's End Weyr. It is located in sector E1 on the Flight sector map on the leeway side of the large bay. Both Thread's End Hold and Sonnette's Dawn Hold have small runner offices, but Penisula Station 642 is the main waystation for runners in the Thread's End Weyr area.

General Description:

The station is built of black rock with a solid metal roof. The roof extends to cover a large flagstone courtyard at the center of the U-shaped building. The Station sits on the leeward side of the bay, halfway up the hill from the beach. The bay is shallow and protected from the roughest seas by a barrier reef that lies just off shore. The reef has a small opening into the bay by the tip of the pennisula. This opening is only big enough to let boats the size of a four man fishing boat or smaller through. Seagoing vessels can not dock here. The draft is far to shallow for them to safely cross the reef. The opening in the reef is marked by a pair of warning bouys.

The climate is usually hot and humid, sharing the same temperate zone as Thread's End Hold and Thread's End Weyr.

Station Economics:

Peninsula Runner Station 642 was established in Turn 24 to supply a rest stop for runners traveling between Thread's End Hold and Sonette's Dawn Hold and points beyond. The Station has a small farm near by where they get most of their food supplies. That which they are not able to grow themselves they purchase from Thread's End Hold and have shipped down. The main economy of the Station is the transportation of letters and documents by runner to various holds around the southern continent.

People of Note:

For a list of people currently assigned to here, see the Peninsula Runner Station 642 section of the Thread's End Hold roster.

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