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About the Weyr...

Ierne Island Weyr, newly established in the late autumn of Turn 35, Present Pass, is located at the southern tip of Ierne Island, approximately forty degrees south of the equator; thus, the climate is temperate, with distinctive seasons. Its flight sectors cover lands bordering Great Bay, extending east of the Dragon Gate River to a midpoint in what was in the days of the Ancients known as the Stakehold of Dorado--now simply to the point where Southern Hold's territory and Southern Weyr's responsibility ends. For details on how the Weyr relates to other locations referenced by DragonRiders, please see the Timezones/Distances page.

The surrounding terrain is hilly to mountainous with the mainland becoming more rugged to the south, east and west. The cold Dragon Gate River, falling steeply as it does from the frigid lake to the south, has an extremely strong and swift current, flowing at its mouth with fresh water as it divides and passes Ierne Island Weyr and Green Ridge Hold. Waters here are not saline enough to support dolphins for any length of time. (This information was derived from the map on page 2 of The Atlas of Pern by Karen Wynn Fonstad.)

The Holds and Halls under its protection include Green Ridge Hold (established Turn 35 PP) and North Tip Fishing Hold (established Turn 33 PP).

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Ferry Schedule between Green Ridge Hold and Ierne Island Weyr

For the convenience of those wishing visit Ierne Island Weyr from Green Ridge Hold, a Ferry boat is available. There will be one round trip per day from Green Ridge Hold to Ierne Island Weyr. Typical payment for the Ferry is 1/8th mark; however, haggling is expected.

*times may vary depending on weather and cargo
Departure Location Departure Time Arrival Location Arrival Time Layover
Green Ridge Hold 4 hours before noon Ierne Island Weyr 3 hours before noon 1 hour
Ierne Island Weyr 2 hours before noon east fork bank 1/2 hour before noon 1 1/2 hours
east fork bank 1 hour after noon Ierne Island Weyr 2 1/2 hours after noon 1 hour
Ierne Island Weyr 3 1/2 hours after noon Green Ridge Hold 4 1/2 hours after noon --

Seasonal Weather

The climate at Ierne Island Weyr is much like that of the upper east/central States in the U.S. (think Pennsylvania). Summer is warm with cool nights and is the wettest of seasons, with spring close behind. Relatively dry autumns are followed by wetter winters, which are cold with low temperatures often well below freezing.

Season Months
Summer 1 - 3
Autumn 4 - 6
Winter 7 - 10
Spring 11 - 13

People of Note

For a list of people currently assigned to here, see the Ierne Island Weyr rosters.

Past Events

For a list of past events at Ierne Island Weyr, see the Ierne Island Weyr Archives.

For details of the Weyr's leadership history, see the Ierne Island Weyr Leader history roster.

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