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About the Weyr:

Thread's End Weyr - established during PP Turn 13 - is located approximately ten degrees south of the equator, and thus, the climate is usually hot and humid. The Holds and Halls under its protection include Sonnette's Dawn Hold, Thread's End Hold, Black Rock River Hold, Breakwater Hold, High Crag Hold, Moonlight Hold, River's Edge Hold, Sommerlunding Hill Hold, White Sands Hold, the DolphinCraft Hall, Thread's End HarperCraft Hall, and the WoodCraft Hall.

For details on how the Weyr relates to other locations referenced by DragonRiders, please see the Timezones/Distances page.

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People of Note:

For a list of people currently assigned to here, see the Thread's End Weyr rosters.

For details of the Weyr's leadership history, see the Thread's End Weyr Leader history roster.

Past Events:

For a list of past events at Thread's End Weyr, see the Thread's End Weyr Archives.

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