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10.1 Dropped Members Wishing to Return

The following guidelines apply to those Returning Members who were dropped from the DragonRiders lists due to non-posting and/or no response to roll calls (i.e. implicit quits). These "extra" restrictions do not apply to Members who were courteous enough to notify Council/Webbies/club that they wished to quit, whatever their reason.

  1. Member may rejoin with one (1) of their former standard personas, or they may create a new standard persona if they prefer. Council may, at its discretion, allow a member to rejoin with a premium persona. These exceptions, however, will be very rare.
  2. The rejoining member will be treated as any other member in good standing and may then create additional PCs after maintaining a current posting history for three (3) months after rejoining or after twelve (12) months from the drop date have passed -- whichever period is over first. (E.g. If a member returned 10 months after being dropped for non-posting, that member would have to meet posting requirements for 2 consecutive months before creating additional PCs.)
  3. After 12 months from the drop date, the "implicit quit" would not be counted when determining a "repeat quitter."

10.2 Repeat Quitters

A member is allowed to quit once within a 12-consecutive month period. If the member rejoins and quits, either implicitly or explicitly, a second time within 12 months of the first quit, he or she is banned from rejoining Dragonriders for one year. (Examples of an implicit quit are taking a third leave of absence within a 12-month period or being dropped for non-posting.) The banned member may petition Council for reinstatement, but the banning may only be overturned by a unanimous vote of Council.

10.3 Chain Letters, Spam and Flames

10.3.1 Chain Letts and Spam

The rule concerning these is very simple. Do not ever, ever send such things to any club mailing list.

10.3.2 Flames

"Flaming is the act of posting messages that are deliberately hostile and insulting." - from: Wikipedia about Flaming

Flaming is neither allowed nor tolerated on any of the DragonRiders mailing lists. We come to Pern via the DragonRiders of Pern Writing Club to enjoy ourselves -- not to get caught in a flame war. Such behavior could drive away members who might otherwise have had a productive addition to the discussion. Flaming can result in discipline such as the member being put on moderation or in an extreme case removed from the club.

If in doubt, don't post it. If you find you can't control yourself from just saying something, then restrain yourself to a personal/private reply instead of a list reply and try to stay civil. Remember, you are sending your email to another human being, not a faceless machine with no feelings.

Disagreements do not count as a flame; personal attacks do.

Writing critiques:

If a member asks the club to honestly critique their work, then basically, they should be able to take the bad with the good. Members should not post negative critiques to any list, and any such critiques sent personally should be constructive in nature.


If, after sending an antagonistic email to the list(s), the member spontaneously decides to apologize sincerely by the next day, then that apology will counterbalance any protests lodged against that email if that was his/her first offense. However, if the member consistently sends out a flame and then apologizes, the apologies can no longer be believed to be sincere and will be dismissed accordingly when Council evaluates the email.

When flaming occurs, Council will take action which could range from a warning to removal from the club in extreme cases. In any case, a note will be placed in a member's file.

10.4 Lifetime Bans

A lifetime ban may be issued with a majority vote for the below infractions. A Council may issue a lifetime ban for other reasons with a unanimous vote. A lifetime ban may be lifted only by a unanimous vote.

Infractions Warranting a Lifetime Ban (Council's majority vote required to ban for life):

  1. Two one-year bans for repeat quitting within four years or four implicit quits with little or no posting done each time over any period of time.
  2. Two one-year bans for flaming/snappy emails to any of the club lists.
  3. Three one-year bans for major infractions.
  4. Illegal Activities. Per Charter Holder, in this instance member may not be reinstated even by a unanimous vote.
  5. A ban for trouble making while on a probationary status.

10.5 Minor Posting Infractions

For posting infractions of incorrect content (e.g. breach of canon or club rules), the author is required to submit a retraction and/or apology to the mailing list. After the fourth apology, they return to Mentored status and must have all posts or co-posts approved by their assigned mentor for a two-month time period. After the fifth apology, they are banned from DragonRiders for three months.

10.6 Charter Infractions

Members may not engage in any activities that could endanger the Club's charter without risking termination from the club. Council will take whatever actions it deems necessary to protect the charter.

10.7 Illegal Activities

Members may not engage in activities commonly held to be illegal. Per the Charter Holder, in cases where members are banned for illegal activities or for charter endangerment, the ban is permanent, and the member may not be reinstated.

10.8 Banned Members Wishing to Return

Members who have been issued a limited ban and who wish to return may do so at the expiration of the period of the ban with the following limitations:

Members who have been banned for any sort of trouble making will be allowed to rejoin under a one year period of probation. If there is continued trouble during this period, including, but not limited to, flaming, disregarding Council decisions or causing problems with a mentor, a permanent lifetime ban will be issued.

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