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12.1 McCaffrey Copyright

You may mention characters from the Pern novels, as long as the mention refers to something that actually occurred in one of the novels; you may not use one of Anne McCaffrey's named characters in any of your stories nor assign new action to them.

Use of teaching ballads that are an established part of Pernese pre-AIVAS history is allowed provided proper credit is given to Ms. Anne McCaffrey in the Notes section of the post.

12.2 Newly Released Books and Canon Updates

It is common courtesy when mentioning a new book to wait at least one month after the book has been released before mentioning anything without using SPOILER in the subject field. This courtesy will be observed on all club lists (DRML, DRCC, RLCC) until one month after release in the last one of the three major markets for books published in English, i.e. US, Europe (England), Australia.

In accord with this courtesy, adopting newly revealed canon or canon that has been revised in the new book will be delayed until after the SPOILER is lifted.

12.3 Charter Holder Veto

Storylines approved by Council are subject to VETO by the Charter Holder.

12.4 Mating Flights

Mating flights are not acts of aggression or violence, either between the dragons involved or between the humans involved. The tendency to exhibit a possessiveness over the males in the Weyr and a willingness to fight for them when rising is demonstrated to a much stronger degree in the Queens as compared to the Greens, and this will only occur in certain situations:

"Except in certain mating situations, dragons are never aggressive with one another. When they are ready to rise, the Queens become primitive, gorging on kills. The males turn competitive, their only goal to outmaneuver each other in mating flight to get to the Queen."

from the Dragon Lover's Guide to Pern, Second Edition
Nye, Jody Lynn, with McCaffrey, Anne
1997, Ballantine Books, page 40

12.5 Member Contributions

Member submissions of text or graphics for our web pages are by the nature of their submision accompanied by permission to be displayed by Dragonriders Club on Dragonriders Club web pages, and, by submitting such text or graphics, members agree that (except for PC/ONPC persona sheets or gallery art) permission is for the document to be displayed for the life of the club, although Council retains the right to remove the contribution at its discretion.

In exchange for the opportunity to serve as a volunteer staff member, you agree to waive any claim that relates to, arises from, or purports to arise from your status or activities as an administrator of the Dragonriders of Pern Writing Club.

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