Playing Characters (PCs) - Non-Playing Characters (NPCs) - Owned Non-Playing Characters (ONPCs, NPC/Owned) - Free Non-Playing Characters (FNPCs, NPC/Free) - Mentor-Only Playing Characters (MPCs)

Persona Type: Posting Requirements: Persona Page: Reserved Names: Owned by:
PC/Active yes yes yes creator/writer
NPC no no no creator/writer
NPC/Owned no yes yes creator/writer
NPC/Free no yes/no yes Club (free for use)
MPC no yes yes creator/writer

2.1 Playing Characters (PCs)

2.1.1 PC Description

2.1.2 PC Creation Rules

2.1.3 PC Changes

2.2 Non-Playing Characters (NPCs)

2.2.1 NPC Description

2.2.2 NPC Creation Rules

2.3 Owned Non-Playing Characters (ONPCs, NPC/Owned)

2.3.1 ONPC Description

2.3.2 ONPC Creation Rules

2.4 Free Non-Playing Characters (FNPCs, NPC/Free)

2.4.1 NPC/Free Description

2.4.2 NPC/Free Creation Rules

2.4.3 NPC/Free Usage Rules

2.4.4 NPC/Free Adoption Rules

2.4.5 NPC/Free Replacement Rules

2.5 Mentor-Only Playing Characters (MPCs)

2.5.1 MPC Description

2.5.2 MPC Creation Rules

2.6 Gifting Personas

If you choose to leave the Club, you have the right to say what happens to your non-ranking or non-premium personas, or who (if anyone) you'd like to "gift" them to, although Council retains the right to make final decisions. If it's something questionable according to club rules or something that might cause people to be upset, Council will, at worst, deny your plan with reasoning, but you can still have them disappear or transfer out.

When handling ranking or premium personas, you may still have them transfer out of the club locations. However, if you leave these personas in the Club, Council will decide if and by whom they will be adopted. See Rank for more information.

In the case of a persona being gifted from one member to another, the member has the right to refuse the "gift." However, if accepted, the persona shall be received as PC unless the receiving member can show evidence to Council of having coposted 20 times with that persona, in which case the persona may become/stay ONPC if the member so desires. All such transfers require Council approval, and all rules pertaining to adding personas and to ranking or premium personas apply.

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