Valid names - Reserved Names List

3.1 Valid Names

3.1.1 Pernese Names

3.1.2 Book/Movie Character Names

3.1.3 Common Words

3.2 Reserved Names List

In addition to the rules above, new names cannot be similar or identical to names already reserved by other DragonRiders Club members. Please check the Reserved Names list for possible conflicts when you create a new name. This list is the primary means by which names on join forms and additional personas are reviewed.

3.2.1 Names Included in the Reserved Names List

The Reserved Names list includes:

Additional names that may be entered into the Reserved Names list upon member request include:

3.2.2 Regarding Name Conflicts

It is your responsibility to check any nicknames or NPC names you create against the Reserved Names list before using them in posts. If you fail to do so and there is a conflict with an existing name, you may be asked to reissue your post(s) with the conflicting name changed or removed.

If a member feels a new name is too close to a reserved one and brings this to the Council's attention, the Council will discuss and decide if the names are close enough to warrant a name change request. A statute of limitations will exist in that protests over names that appeared in posts more than a month ago will no longer be entertained by the Council.

Other than close relatives of your PCs, NPC names are generally not eligible to be entered into the Reserved Names list and thus do not have protection from coincidentally being used by other members. However, if a new member joins with a PC name that is close or identical to an NPC name previously used by another member, the NPC name will be allowed to stay in use. Neither member can force the other member to change their persona's name. There can be a discussion between the two members to facilitate a name change, but if either member decides they do not want to change the name, both will be allowed to use it.

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