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Persona Type Non-Ranking/Non-Premium Premium Positions Ranking Positions
  • Green/Blue/Brown Weyrling
  • Green/Blue/Brown Wingrider
  • Retired Weyrlingmaster
  • Wingsecond *
  • Bronze Weyrling
  • Bronze Wingrider
  • Watchrider
  • Weyrleader
  • Weyrwoman
  • Gold Weyrling, Goldrider
  • Wingleader
  • Active Weyrlingmaster, Weyrlingmistress
  • Apprentice
  • Journeyman/woman
  • Retired craftmaster
  • Stationmaster (Runner Station)
  • Active Mastercraftsman/woman
  • Candidate
  • Worker (e.g. Lower Caverns, Fields)
  • Minor Holder or Cotholder
  • Steward or Headwoman in a Minor Hold
  • Misc. Non-Craft Occupations (Guard, Stablehand, Hunter, Ferryman, etc.)
  • Drudge
  • unskilled/unranked persona (e.g. children)
  • PC Spouse of a ranking Lady/Lord Holder of a Major Hold.
  • Headman/woman (Major Hold, Crafthall or Weyr)
  • Steward (Major Hold)
  • Owner of Gold Firelizard
  • Owner of Bronze Firelizard
  • Owner of Watchwher
  • Lord/Lady Holder of Major Hold
* Note: Two Wingseonds per Wing, one of which shall remain unadoptable NPC/Free.

Premium/Ranking Combinations

4.1 Craft Ranks

4.1.1 Age Requirements

Members wishing to hold personas who do not meet these age requirements may petition the Council for permission.

4.1.2 Limits and Restrictions

4.2 Premium Positions

4.3 Ranking Positions

4.3.1 Ranker Duties

Each ranking persona has certain responsibilities of duty. For example:

Duty Guidelines:

4.4 Application Guidelines for Ranking/Premium Positions

Premium and Ranking Positions (as defined above) are granted by the Council according to the following guidelines:

The award of a Ranking Position is for a specific persona. If a member no longer wishes to keep writing for that Ranking Persona, the option of making the persona an ONPC is not available and so the persona will be removed or made NPC/Free. The member does not have preferential status for a replacement Ranking Persona but can apply, at no penalty providing the former Ranking Persona was current on posting, with the rest of the Club when a call for applications is announced via the Newsletter.

Per the Charter Holder, if a ranker position is vacant and there are no applicants from the main body of members, a sitting Council member or members may apply for that position. Applicant Council members will of course not be allowed to discuss or vote on their own application.

4.4.1 General Guidelines to Meet Prior to Applying for a Premium or Ranking Position

High Ranking Positions will require the highest level of compliance with these guidelines. E.g., for high ranking and/or highly competitive positions, the Council will consider applicants' posting histories for the last 3-4 months.

Please remember: A Ranking or Premium Award must be earned. This is neither a lottery to win, nor a first-come, first-served procedure. Take your time and make your application the best you can. In cases where only unsuitable applications are received, the Council may decide not to fill the position.

Exceptions to the guidelines are possible concerning awarded Premium Positions. For new members, exceptions will be very rare. For returning members, exceptions will still be infrequent and based, to a large degree, on the members' history with the Club and the manner in which they departed.

4.4.2 Wingleader/Wingsecond Requirements

Since Wingleaders and Wingseconds are appointed positions, there is a requirement of a minimum number of Turns out of Weyrling training. This would enable the rider to gain experience he would need to lead a Wing.


4.4.3 Weyrleader Rotation

Weyrleader positions may be opened for applications every time the Senior Gold rises (i.e. roughly two times a Turn), depending on interest in the position.

Before the Senior Gold Flight, the Council will remind the Club that the Weyrleader position is open to Challenge. All existing bronzes within the Weyr may apply assuming they are reasonably old enough to win a mating flight against mature dragons. At Council's discretion, new bronzes may be created, but they must be living at the Weyr at the time of the mating flight. Also at Council's discretion, free npc bronzes may be adopted and apply for the position. In certain occasions Council may call for an open flight (accepting bronzes from other Weyrs if Weyr numbers are low or the club would otherwise benefit from an open flight).

If the Council receives such a notification, a Club-wide call for applications will be made. The existing Weyrleader can reapply at this time. Exception: The writer of the Weyrwoman at the same location is not eligible to apply.

If the Council receives no notification or no applications are received at the time of the call, the existing Weyrleader will remain in office.

Should the current Weyrleader choose to step down or does not win the Senior Gold's flight, he has the option of taking up any Wingleader or Wingsecond position that is listed as vacant or is filled by an NPC/Free rider in either Weyr, thereby retaining his rank.

4.4.4 Weyrwoman Replacement

If a Weyrwoman position becomes available, applications may be limited to existing gold riders, or Council may allow newly-created personas to apply. In either case, when the Weyrwoman position is open, the next queen to rise will become the new Weyrwoman. The goldrider chosen as Weyrwoman will schedule a mating flight within the following Pern month to establish herself in the position of Weyrwoman.

If no applications are received, the Council may fill the position with an NPC/Free, thus opening it for Club-wide applications for adoption or replacement.

Note: To avoid losing clutches, an NPC/Free goldrider can be adopted, but not replaced and dropped from the roster, during the time her gold has a clutch on the Sands.

4.4.5 Ranker Retirement

The Council would like to remind everyone that rankers can, of course, step down from active duty if their writer no longer wishes to retain the ranking position. At that time, the Council will call for applications to fill the vacated position(s).

In the case of writers neglecting their ranker duties (e.g. minimal posting, extended leaves, not available for co-posts, failure to write/release control posts on time etc.), the Council may ask the writer to retire their ranking persona to open the position for applications if there is a demand.

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