Regarding candidates - Regarding weyrlings - Rider gender and dragon colour

5.1 Regarding Candidates

Clutch on the Sands:

If there is a clutch on the Hatching Sands, the Council will call for Candidate applications from current club members. Once the application deadline has passed, any unclaimed Eggs will be available to any eligible current, rejoining or new members on a first come first chance basis to Impress the dragon. If all of the Eggs have been awarded, a member (current, rejoining or new) can still create a Candidate. A non-Impressing Candidate persona does not require Council approval.

No clutch on the Sands:

If there is no clutch on the Sands, members (current, rejoining or new) may nevertheless create a Candidate persona. Such Candidates will be considered non-Impressing Candidates left standing from a previous clutch who opted to stay at the Weyr. The persona will need a job at the Weyr until the next hatching occurs - kitchen worker, practicing a craft, etc.

5.1.1 Personas Eligible to Stand as Candidates

5.1.2 Candidate Limits and Restrictions

5.1.3 Impression

The Council will accept applications for Impression during the timeframes listed on the Hatching Sands page if there is a clutch on the Sands. While members may request a preferred dragon color, Impression and color choice must be approved by the Council. Non-impressing Candidates do not require Council approval.

5.2 Regarding Weyrlings

5.2.1 Weyrling Restrictions

Weyrling personas held by Club members must be either PC or ONPC characters whose persona sheets must be up on the web. Members may have more than one weyrling persona, in accordance with limits in Persona Limits and Restrictions.

ONPC weyrlings can only be created through Impression of an existing ONPC. Once the Hatching has occurred, no further ONPC applications will be accepted for that weyrling class.

If any weyrling positions are open after candidate applications, the Council may create up to three unadoptable NPC/Free weyrlings, making sure to leave one dragon of each color open, if possible. No gold NPC/Free weyrlings may be created.

5.2.2 Weyrling Relationships

Impression to six months: No serious kissing/hugging allowed; no sexual relationships allowed.

Six months to one turn: Sexual relationships allowed but discouraged; no mating flight participation, either as chaser or chasee, allowed.

After one turn/graduation: Sexual relationships allowed. Young greens have their first mating flight within fourteen to eighteen months after hatching, and bronzes, browns and blues participate in mating flights.

Queens do not rise for their first mating flight until at least two turns post-hatching. Queen flights require prior Council Approval.

5.3 Rider Gender and Dragon Color

The DragonRiders Club follows a traditional view of Pern canon. Dragon colors must be matched with the following gender of rider:

Gold Heterosexual Female
BronzeHeterosexual Male
Brown Heterosexual Male
Blue Homosexual/Bisexual Male
Green Heterosexual or Homosexual/Bisexual Female or Homosexual/Bisexual Male

5.3.1 Rider Restrictions

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