PC locations - NPC/Free locations

Location Type PC Locations NPC/Free Locations
  • Ierne Island Weyr
  • Thread's End Weyr
  • none
Major Holds
  • Green Ridge Hold
  • Sonnette's Dawn Hold
  • Thread's End Hold
  • none
Minor Holds
  • None
  • Black Rock River Hold
  • Breakwater Hold
  • High Crag Hold
  • Moonlight Hold
  • Moonskeep Hold
  • North Tip Fishing Hold
  • River's Edge Hold
  • Summerlunding Hill Hold
Craft Halls
  • DolphinCraft Hall
  • Thread's End HarperCraft Hall
  • Southern WoodCraft Hall
  • None
  • The Maze
  • Peninsula Runner Station 642
For location details and maps, please refer to: Pernography Section Miscellaneous Locations

7.1 PC Locations

PC locations are available as places of residence as well as posting locations for all personas types. All PCs and ONPCs must be listed on the rosters of our PC locations and may live at:

The creation of new PC locations requires sufficient member interest and Council approval.

7.2 NPC Locations

7.2.1 NPC/Free Locations

NPC/Free locations are available as posting locations and as places of origin to mention on persona forms, but no PCs or ONPCs may reside at these locations. Personas listed at NPC/Free locations will be considered NPC/Free and non-adoptable unless transferred to a PC location. They will generally not have full persona sheets nor be listed on the Reserved Names list, but a short persona description may be added to the location's info page.

Members may create new NPC/Free locations for inclusion on the list of Miscellaneous Locations with Council approval if the location is or has been used by multiple members for posting purposes.

7.2.2 Personal NPC Locations

Members may create NPC Minor Holds and cotholds as posting locations and as places of origin to mention on persona forms, but such locations or their descriptions shall not be placed on the web pages.

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