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8.1 Persona Limits

There is no set limit on the total number of personas a member can have in DragonRiders. However, addition of a ninth and subsequent PC requires Council approval, and certain persona types have limits to ensure a fair distribution of limited positions among interested Club members.

8.2 Persona Ideas Requiring Council Approval

8.3 Regarding Oldtimes

We are playing in a timeline following the event of the Oldtimers coming forward. Though Anne McCaffrey writes about the Oldtimers as a group, she does not name them all. Therefore, the use of Oldtimers is allowed for all types of personas as long as they are not one of Anne McCaffrey's named characters.

8.4 Regarding Disabled Personas

Anne McCaffrey has stated that no disabled person would be Impressed by a dragon. The Council extends this statement to mean that the following disabilities, when long term or permanent, preclude a person from being Searched and standing as a candidate or, having Impressed prior to the disability, from continuing in a fighting wing:

Blind, deaf, mute, mental or emotional disability, loss of limb

There are no explicit restrictions on non-riders of any rank being disabled as long as the duties or subset of duties for which they are responsible within their craft or position are not illogical in light of their disability (i.e., a deaf healer listening to lung sounds, runner missing a leg, blind archivist, etc.).

8.5 Regarding Special Talents

No persona on Pern will have or show latent ability in anything that could be related to Anne McCaffrey's Talents series; i.e., no telepathy except between dragon and rider, no astral projection, no mind reading, or any other forms of Extra Sensory Perception. While these abilities could have been latent in some of the original colonists, it is against the established Pern canon of this Club to write any person with these abilities. If you have any questions or doubts about whether you might be crossing the line, please contact the Council.

8.6 Regarding 'Hearing All Dragons'

Personas may not have the ability to "hear all dragons." Per Anne McCaffrey, anyone may hear a dragon when that dragon is speaking directly to them:

"I think I've stated on several occasions that dragons will speak to those they want to speak to - as the dragons did to Robinton in MHoP. There has to be a good reason for dragons to do so and not all dragons are so inclined even if they have reason. Of course, Robinton was special, even as a child. But it is possible."

--Anne McCaffrey in an email to then-Council member, Debbie Griffin, May 2000

However, no one may hear dragons as Lessa and Brekke did (i.e., hear a dragon when that dragon is speaking to someone else).

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